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Deck Global Key Command

This Deck Sub-Component adds an action that applies a key command to pieces contained within the Deck, similar to the Global Key Command component of a Map Window or of a Game Piece.

To add a Deck Global Key Command to one of your Decks, use the Editor’s configuration window to navigate to the [Deck] entry for the Deck you want to add it to. Right-click on the [Deck] entry and select Add Deck Global Key Command.

Menu command:

Text for an entry in the Deck’s right-click context menu that will activate the Deck Global Key Command.

Global key command:

The Key Command or Named Command that will be applied to the pieces in the Deck.

Matching expression:

The key command will only be applied to pieces (in the Deck) which match the specified Property Match Expression. If you do not enter a property expression, then all pieces in the Deck can receive the key command, subject to the Affects field, below.


The Deck Global Key Command can apply to all pieces which match the expression, or to a set number only (always counting from the top of the Deck). Use a setting of 1 to select the top piece.

Report format:

A Message Format that is echoed to the chat log whenever the Deck Global Key Command is activated.

Suppress individual reports:

If selected, then any reports (whether auto-reporting or Report Action traits) by the affected Pieces will be disabled throughout the processing of this Global Key Command.

DeckGlobalKeyCommand Sends Ctrl+M to the first card in the deck that isn’t Blockade.