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AutoImage Reference Manual

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Auto Images

The Auto Images component is the holder for the different parts of the AutoImages system. It has no properties of its own.


Named Colors

Each color you wish to use in Image Definitions is predefined and given a name. 14 Standard colors defined by Java are built-in and can be used without defining them:- CLEAR, WHITE, BLACK, LIGHT GRAY, DARK GRAY, RED, GREEN, BLUE, ORANGE, PINK, CYAN, MAGENTA, YELLOW.

Color Name: The name of the color that will appear in drop-down menus in the Image Definitons.
Color: Standard Color selector to select the color to be associated with the name

Font Styles

Font Styles used in Image Layouts are predefined here and selected by name from drop-down menus. A Font Style consists of a Font Family, size and style (plain, bold, italic, bold-italic). An AutoImage will always contain at least one font style - Default.

Style Name: The name of the Font Style that will appear in drop-down menus in the Image Layout.
Font Family: The Font Family to use. To ensure maximum compatibility and portablilty, only the pre-defined Java logical fonts are available as options.
Size: The size of the font style in points.
Bold: Click on to select a Bold font style.
Italic: Click on to select an Italic font style.
Sample: Display a sample of your selected font style.

Image Layouts

Image Layouts define how the counters will look.