From Vassal
Publisher Avalon Hill Era Gunpowder
Year 1974 Topic American Revolutionary War
Players 2 to 2 Scale Operational
Length Medium


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
1st Edition
1776-v0.3.vmod Module 10.46 MB 2011-08-10 unknown
1776-v0.2.vmod Module 12.22 MB 2011-08-09 unknown
1776-v0.1.vmod Module 12.12 MB 2011-06-10 unknown
1776.vmod Module 4.45 MB unknown unknown
3rd Edition
1776_04.vmod Module 2.35 MB unknown unknown

Module Information

Maintainer Davey Jones
Contributors PRodgers, JokerRulez, jw62, Davey Jones, scotty


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Doing a rework of the 1776 module ... Scott

10 AUG 2011 v0.3 FILE SIZE:10.5MB

  • Return to deck button for Tactical Cards.
  • New Masks for tactical cards. Now the player and the opponent see different mask image.
  • Added a US/UK flag to Tactical cards.
  • Added a label to Tactical cards.
  • Forts now use CTRL-F for flipping (all flipped counters/cards should use CTRL-F)
  • RM STATUS counter was missing! Now fixed.
  • The 1-8 and 10-8 Indian counters were swapped. Now fixed.
  • Boats didn't rotate properly. Only the counter base was rotating. Now fixed!
  • Map artwork now looks clearer. I scale to 40% from the scans before processing colour etc. Also, file size dropped from 12.2MB to 10.5MB.

... Scott

09 AUG 2011 v0.2 FILE SIZE:12.2MB

  • Divided charts into Scenario Cards and Information Cards (Charts button and a Scenario button).
  • Scenario cards are now on separate tabbed panel, and can be used to mark game time etc.
  • Scenario Cards for every scenario and the CSG. (Organise charts and tactical campaign charts)
  • Added Basic Game scenario.
  • Added 3 variant scenario's from The General.
  • Inverted Counters
  • Proper prototypes for all counters.
  • Movement trails.
  • Added a battle marker with label and indexed battle number.
  • Status, Time and Commerce counters now look like the original counters.
  • Added custom buttons

... Scott

10 JUN 2011 v0.1 FILE SIZE:12.1MB

  • New map graphics. Orientated left to right now.
  • Added zoom and hide piece controls to main map.

... Scott

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