Module:A Few Acres of Snow

From Vassal
Publisher Treefrog Games Era Gunpowder
Year 2011 Topic The Seven Years War
Players 2 to 2 Scale Mixed
Length 60 mins

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
AFAOS_v1p0.vmod Module 13.69 MB 2011-09-06 Paul Marjoram
AFAOS_v2p0.vmod Module 7.99 MB 2011-10-31 Tim Porter Paul Marjoram
AFAOS_v2p1.vmod Module 8.01 MB 2011-11-19 Tim Porter Paul Marjoram
AFAOS_v2p2.vmod Module 17.79 MB 2015-03-13 Jon McVety


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Version 2.2

Module has been updated to 2.2

  • Ship symbol added to Fort Beausejour.
  • Removed French 'Bateaux' card from play.

Version 2.1

Module has been updated to 2.1

  • Zoom controls have been added to the Players card hand windows.
  • Shortcut keys for sending the Discard Decks to their respective Draw Piles has been changed from SHIFT-D.

The 2.0 saved games will load in 2.1, except the deck changes will not appear as the game continue to have their original properties via the saved games. So be careful of SHIFT-D or the French discard pile will disappear into the Draw Deck.

Version 2.0 New version has been added, based on Paul's 1.0 module with usability improvements; this is not compatible with version 1.0 save games. Here is a brief list of the major changes; see the Help menu in the module for more information.

  • Solo mode added
  • Map changed to landscape orientation with draw, discard and reserve decks on the right hand side.
  • Stock area for villages, towns and forts added to map.
  • Players Money tracks added to map.
  • Shortcuts for handling of cards added to the right-hand button menu
  • Ability to select and therefore draw specific cards added to Empire and Location decks.
  • Map labels and icon rotated, larger graphics used for Military and Ship symbols.
  • Location window added to track the usage of towns and villages.

Version 1.0 This is the first draft of a Vassal module for Martin Wallace's "A Few Acres of Snow" (with kind permission from Martin). It seems to function pretty well, but I'm new to module design, so if you have any tips for improving it, or want to edit it yourself to improve it, please go ahead!

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  • P Marjora
  • John L
  • Chuck Kroegel
  • dangermike
  • Glocko
  • Tinto
  • Kevin Rohrer
  • Jon McVety
  • Mano82