Module:A Game of Thrones: The Board Game (Second Edition)

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Publisher Fantasy Flight Games Era Fantasy
Year 2011 Topic Feudal Warfare
Players 3 to 6 Scale Strategic
Length 180min

Files and Module Information

A Game of Thrones 2ed clanmacrae9 version

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
AGOT2ED.vmod module 78.87 MB 2020-03-18 3.2.17 clanmacrae9 E.Cameron
AGOT2ED.vmod module 78.87 MB 2018-09-06 3.2.17 clanmacrae9 E.Cameron
A_Game_of_Thrones_2ed_clanmacrae9_version.pdf Tutorial 3.81 MB 2015-08-09 PDF clanmacrae9

Mother of Dragons

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
AGOT2ED_MoD_0.6.vmod module 99.16 MB 2021-01-08 3.2.17 Redworm

Winds of Winter - Variant

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
The Winds of Winter v1.31.vmod module 62.81 MB 2014-07-04 3.2.11 Guinness LordBrand
The Winds of Winter v1.02.vmod module 57.14 MB 2013-07-?? 3.1.19 Guinness

Game of Thrones - A Feast For Crows (2013)

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
Feast_for_Crows_ENG.vmod‎ English module 39.1 MB 2013-06-13 3.2.3 Arthran
Festin_de_Cuervos_ESP.vmod‎ Spanish module 29.62 MB 2013-06-13 3.2.3 Arthran

Game of Thrones 9 players (version of West2)

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
GameofThrones_9players_v.1.0_ENG.vmod English module 39.33 MB 2013-04-13 3.2.3 Arthran VMT
GameofThrones_9players_v.1.0_ESP.vmod Spanish module 32.88 MB 2013-04-13 3.2.3 Arthran VMT

Game of Thrones & Dance with Dragons

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
GameOfThrones_and_DanceWithDragons_SOLO_Not for Multiplayer_v1.43_ENG.vmod English module 52.39 MB 2013-07-05 3.2.7 E.Cameron
GameOfThrones_and_DanceWithDragons_v1.42_ENG.vmod English module 52.42 MB 2013-04-13 3.2.3 E.Cameron Arthran
GameOfThrones_and_DanceWithDragons_v1.42_ESP.vmod Spanish module 35.65 MB 2013-04-13 3.2.3 E.Cameron Arthran saves 465 KB 2013-04-13 3.2.3 Arthran

Standard Version

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
GameOfThrones_v1.31.vmod module 41.52 MB 2013-09-19 3.2.7 E.Cameron Wedjat
GameOfThrones_v1.30.vmod module 40.32 MB 2012-08-05 3.1.19 E.Cameron Guinness
GameOfThrones_v1.28.vmod module 40.77 MB 2012-07-25 3.1.19 E.Cameron Guinness
GameOfThrones_v1.25.vmod module 40.84 MB 2012-07-02 3.1.19 E.Cameron Guinness
GameOfThrones_v1.2.vmod module 42.21 MB 2012-06-26 3.1 E.Cameron Eike Hanus Guiness
GameOfThrones_v1.1.vmod module 41.39 MB 2012-06-20 3.1 E.Cameron Ryan Thompson, Eike Hanus
GameOfThrones.vmod module 39.4 MB 2012-05-21 3.1 E.Cameron Ryan Thompson, Eike Hanus

Piece Movement Limiters (to prevent cheating) with Multi-Language Support [Esp-Eng-Fra-Deu]

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
Game_of_Thrones_-MULTI-_v1.1.vmod module 36.83 MB 2012-07-24 3.1.19 Jorge Dacal Cantos
Game_of_Thrones_-MULTI-_v1.0.vmod module 36.83 MB 2012-07-24 3.1.19 Jorge Dacal Cantos Guiness

Spanish-Language Support [Esp]

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
Juego de Tronos Estrategia.VMOD module 11.66 MB 2016-01-18 3.2.15 Jarcadiobd


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A Game of Thrones 2ed clanmacrae9 version

clanmacrae9 Version 1.3

  • Fixed the power bid tokens. Move the bid tokens from the player War Rooms to the Additional Game Board bidding area. Right click to mask, right click to enter bid, then move to lower section of bidding area when ready to reveal. Right click to reveal bid.

clanmacrae9 Version 1.2

  • Fixed Greyjoy Power token issue so they return to the Greyjoy War Room.

clanmacrae9 Version 1.1

  • Fixed the ownership of Kevan Lannister card. Kevan was improperly assigned as a Baratheon owned card in version 1.0 resulting in he card being lost or uncontrollable by Lannister player.

The clanmacrae9 version of A Game of Thrones 2ed is built upon the 1.31 version below by E.Cameron. However, it is not compatible with that or any of the versions below. This version has the following major changes:

clanmacrae9 Version 1.0

  • Redesigned War Room - Includes the faction's combat cards and more information for setup.
  • Redesigned combat - Players manage combat cards from their War Room, sending the selected Combat Card to the Combat Board for the reveal, then send the cards back to the War room where they are designated as used. Other factions may no longer view opponents remaining Combat Cards.
  • Additional Game Board houses most of the between player turn actions. De-clutters the main map area.
  • See the .pdf tutorial above for an idea of the new designs and how to use the Combat Cards.

Game of Thrones - Mother of Dragons Expansion

Version 0.6

AGOT2ED - MoD is a rebuild of clanmacrae9 v1.3 and as such, thanks for providing the basis for this module.

  • This version features the main map, with Eyrie and Bite overlays, alongside the expansion Mother of Dragons map of Essos. This part of the map is only used if Targaryen is chosen as a player house.
  • War Rooms now have Sea Orders added but remain functionally identical to the previous module. Arryn and Targaryen war rooms added.
  • Vassal War Rooms have been added for each of the Westeros houses and are visible to all players via main toolbar. These enable commanders to assign 2 orders to any vassal house per turn, as well as deal 3 cards from the Vassal house card deck (hidden) via toolbar menu button for use in combat. These cards function identically to normal house cards in battle. Players MUST remember to return their Vassal house cards to the deck after each round where they are automatically shuffled. Vassal house orders are explained in the Vassal War Rooms. Vassal units and Supply tokens (start on position 4) are also housed in the Vassal War Room.
  • Dragon strength tokens have been added to the Turn track. These automatically move to the main map board to increase Targaryen's dragon strength on turns 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10.
  • Influence tokens are arranged on Influence tracks according to the expansion rules. Information is in updated War rooms. If any vassals are in the top 3 positions, remove all vassals from that track and move player tokens up. Then fill spaces with vassal tokens in same relative order to other vassals.
  • On start-up, garrisons are already placed on the main map.
  • Area, Power and Supply upgrade tokens are available for use on the main map board. Right-click to access downgrade tokens or return to pile.
  • Iron Bank loan cards - drag to track and they are dealt face-up. Right-click to return to bottom of deck. Right-click to loan to house or drag to appropriate house area on main map board - a text label for each area displays how much interest is due to be paid each round using the count function.

Game of Thrones - Winds of Winter Expansion

Version 1.31:

  • Updated house cards for all houses
  • Updated starting setup for some houses
  • Updated Westeros IV deck
  • Updated Wildling cards

Game of Thrones - A Feast For Crows expansion

Version 1.0:

  • Added House Arryn.
  • Rules for Feast For Crows included in help menu.
  • Added New Westeros firth deck.
  • Added the new Arryn House Cards
  • Save games are in mod. (File - New Game)
  • Spanish & English version are compatible each other. Only in-game images (cards, board and space) are translated. Console messages and text strings remains in English.
  • Added Objective Cards and Objective Zone.
  • Tested Version, if you see an error, send me an email and I will correct.

Game of Thrones 9 players (version of West2)

Version 1.0:

  • Developed based on the version created by West2 for 9 players
  • Added map to 9 players
  • Added Houses Arryn, Tully and Targaryen
  • Added One-Time orders tokens (explained in the war room)
  • Rules and FAQ Game of thrones and A Clash of Kings,included in help menu
  • Dragons Tokens Added (new targaryen unit)
  • Westeros fourth deck added
  • Added the cards in the expansion A Clash of Kings, and own created by West2 for new homes.
  • Save games are in mod. (File - New Game)
  • Version "briefly" tested, if there is an error, send me an email and I will correct.

Game of Thrones and Dance with Dragons:

Version 1.42:

  • Included Dance with Dragons expansion cards
  • Special menu for "Rodrick the Reader" card (Greyjoy - Dance with Dragons expansion ) with instructions on how to play it
  • Spanish & English version are compatible each other. Only in-game images (cards, board and space) are translated. Console messages and text strings remains in English. Note: To prevent image filtering issues it is not recommended to load the two versions at the same time in Vassal
  • New images for unit pieces, more realistic extracted from the Multi-language module.
  • Changed play space: new bid zone, added background, re-distributes elements and card positions
  • Random house selection in a separate window
  • Corrected zoom in Wilding cards
  • "Discard" command in Wildings cards now sends cards to bottom of the deck

Game of Thrones:

Version 1.31 changelog:

  • Fixed misspellings in messages output
  • Cosmetic changes to the board due to some misspellings
  • Cosmetic changes to neutral forces and garrison tokens
  • Cosmetic changes involving Tyrell symbol

Version 1.30 changelog:

  • Presets removed due to them bugging the turn indicator (still trying to figure out why)
  • Minor report changes (as requested by regular players)
  • Minor tweak on piece elements

I have made the presets for 3-6player games formerly in the module available online. They are compressed together in .rar format (if you don't know what that is, ask a friend. These saves can be found in my public dropbox folder here:

For those who have been wanting to know what some of the changes are for v2.0 that I've been working on, this is a preliminary screenshot. A lot of it will be changing over the next little bit, but if you have any preferences, please feel free to E-mail me your ideas (preferably constructive ones) or chat me up if I'm online in the module. The screenshot can be found here:

Happy conquering to y'all!

Version 1.28 changelog:

  • Presets for games added
  • Units now automatically unrout when changing to Westeros phase
  • Added text file to help menu with thanks, links, and copyright info.

Nothing major, just a couple things intended to speed up the game. ... and the txt file includes a link to the rules and online info.

Version 1.25 changelog:

Changes intended to speed up gameplay:

  • Orders may now be returned to warroom by a keystroke.
  • A Collect Orders button has been added to the warroom to facilitate cleanup.
  • Power Tokens may now be send from their location (once being drawn from a pile) to either the available or storage piles by a keystroke.

Other changes that may interest you (or you might overlook):

  • The King's Court overlay no longer overlaps influence tokens.
  • Many other misc layering issues have been rememdied.
  • Observer access to pieces has been restricted to the Random House Deck and the Turn Counter (which cannot be locked by vassal programming).
  • Many (if not all) of the accidentally flipped card errors on the Wildling Deck will not occur when all participants are using v1.25
  • Some reports that were "missing" have been replaced, others have been consolidated into 'packets' to make the log less spamming.
  • Cosmetic changes to the interface (ooo shinies!) Notice Retire is now a gravestone... "In the Game of Thrones you either win, or you die..." ~ Cersei Lannister
  • Somewhere around 400 lines of extraneous code have been removed to make future updates simpler. (Unless you're using one of the slowest thinkpads ever, this will not result in speed increases in the game's display rates.)
  • Future upgrade ideas are welcome, find me on the vassal module sometime. ~ Guiness

Version 1.2 changes:

  • Reports have been removed from several game pieces to declutter the log
  • Orders moved on the map are automatically hidden while not in the action phase
  • The button to hide all units has been given an icon
  • The selection process for house cards now uses a drop-down selection and automatically hides the new selection
  • The chosen house card is announced in the log upon revealing it
  • The Wildling discard pile was relocated to avoid accidential revealing of cards
  • The wildling deck is shuffled automatically at the beginning of the first planning phase of the game
  • Power tokens are now organized in decks when not on the map. The decks automatically keep count of them
  • The power token bids are automatically hidden when entering new values and announce the bid in the log when revealing them
  • A new turn indicator is added that players can use to show who's turn it is at the moment. This indicator can also play a sound each time the value is set if the players choose to do so
  • The Blade and the Raven automatically unflip at the start of the westeros phase
  • The Ready-state of houses is automatically re-set at the beginning of the westeros phase
  • Houses not in play can have their ready-state greyed out
  • Many smaller changes

Version 1.1 is based on the 1.0 version I found on the net. Notable changes from that version:

  • All graphics were tweaked to improve contrast
  • Card texts on the Westeros cards were removed to comply with FFGs policy regarding Vassal modules
  • The game loggs any movement of playing pieces on the Map using zone names the the player initiating the movement
  • Most compenents are part of a defined layer. Units and orders can be hidden to view the underlying map
  • Concealed orders have a new overlay to make them easier to identify in that state
  • Routed units have a red glow to them
  • Units can be sent back to the supply with a context menu command
  • Several zones have their compenents snap to their position (Wildling track, and the three influence tracks)
  • The game round is kept track of using Vassal's own turn counter which also updates the position of the turn counter on the map
  • A button was added that can be used to notify other players when one's turn is finished.
  • A deck of 6 cards was added to randomly assign houses pre-game

Currently a version 1.2 is planned which will include a little more automation to speed up play and avoid some common mistakes. If you run into any bugs with 1.1 feel free to contact me by email.

Version 0.8 has a Notes Window added for bidding during PBEM play

Multi-language version

Version 1.1 (Programed & Multi-Language) changelog:

  • Correct two bugs caused by the translation:
    • Raven phase: now can change the order on the raven phase.
    • Withdraw unit: correct that action.
  • Correct translate of 3 buttons in all languages

If see more bugs, please, report it.

Version 1.0 (Programed & Multi-Language):

  • Programmed game that don't allow a lot of movements cheaters
  • Multi-Language: Español, English, Français
  • Bad Deutsch reports translation, I'm waiting for a friend that is correcting it.

To translate the game completely, go File -> Preferences -> Language and reboot Vassal.

→ See also: The most important things that I programmed

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