Module:A Mighty Fortress

From Vassal
Publisher Simulations Publications, Inc. Era Renaissance
Year 1977 Topic Wargame
Players 2 to 6 Scale Strategic
Length 240mins


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Maintainer John Edwards [jzedward]


A Mighty Fortress is a classic SPI hex'n'counters wargame. A Mighty Fortress simulates the conditions, which made possible the spread of the Lutheran Reformation and the subsequent Catholic reaction (the Counter-Reformation) in the years 1532-1555. The game recreates the actual historical objectives of the major countries in Europe in the Sixteenth Century as well as their military strengths and resources. There are six players in the game representing the six major countries, England, France, the Ottoman Empire, the Hapsburgs, the Pope, and the collection of German states we will call The Lutherans. Boardgamegeek

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