Module:Crossing the Line: Aachen 1944

From Vassal
Publisher Furor Teutonicus Games Era WWII
Year 2019 Topic Western Front
Players 2 to 2 Scale Operational
Length medium


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
CtLA1944-3.2.vmod Module 13.04 MB 2021-10-26 3.5.8+ Łukasz Grabuń Czarek, Dulgin
CtLA1944-3.1.vmod Module 13.04 MB 2020-12-17 3.4.11+ Łukasz Grabuń Czarek, Dulgin
CtLA1944-3.0.vmod Module 13.04 MB 2020-11-17 3.4.8+ Łukasz Grabuń Czarek, Dulgin
CtLA1944-2-0.vmod module 13 MB 2020-06-06 3.2.17 Łukasz Grabuń Czarek, Dulgin
CtLA1944-1-2.vmod module 8.78 MB 2020-05-03 3.2.17 Łukasz Grabuń Czarek
CtLA1944-1-1.vmod module 8.78 MB 2019-11-28 3.2.17 Łukasz Grabuń Czarek
CtLA1944-1-0.vmod module 8.78 MB 2019-06-08 3.2.17 Łukasz Grabuń Czarek


Changes in Version 3.2

  • Some smaller bug fixes and improvements

Changes in Version 3.1

  • Bug fixed, removing combat markers did not work if menu button is used
  • Module help file changed

Changes in Version 3.0

  • Bugfixes for Vassal 3.4.x
  • Movement Trail menu added

Version 2.0 is not compatible with older versions !!!!

Changes in Version 2.0

  • Adding Play Aids
  • Redesign of scenario selection, removed presetup files, now included in setup routines
  • Redesign of reinforcements and withdrawals, buttons for withdrawal german units from main map
  • Redesign menu bar
  • Renamed Combat Modifier chits to prevent problems with further module updates
  • Minor changes and corrections for pieces and units

Changes in Version 1.2

  • VP outlines are now made invisible by default--they were too distracting;
  • fixed wrong setup in full campaign game.

Main changes in Version 1.1

  • Corrected US 30./823 Tank Battalion (wrong image definition in module).

On version 1.0


Units can't be hidden to the other side. My take is it creates too much overhead for little effort, particularly in PBEM games. Should there be a need to add this feature, let me know.

When unit isn't at its full strength it is marked with a letter "R".

Some units can be assigned to other formations. You would also use ^L to denote units designation to see at first glance which units changed their original echelons.

Units can be deleted from the board with ^X--to prevent mishaps this hotkey only works on maps other than the main map.

VP locations

In scenarios victory point locations are marked with red outline. You may select each outline by clicking on it while holding left Meta (Alt on PCs) key. You can then flip it to US side (with ^F hotkey). In module there is inventory button automatically summing up VP from locations currently held by US.

VP outlines are visible by default. Click on "Show VP locations" in the menu bar to hide them. Another click makes them visible again.


There is marker palette. You would use blank marker to denote base odds, DRMs and combat results. In case of results you may want to use "Rx / By" notation, where "Rx" stands for red x result, "By" for black y, so for example "B0 / R2" means 0 losses for attacker, no check required, two losses for defender, efficiency check required. Use ^L to change label of blank marker.


  • Dulgin