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Publisher Web Era Future
Year 2011 Topic Science Fiction
Players 1 to 1 Scale Abstract
Length 1 hour


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Maintainer Chad Mestdagh
Contributors Chad Mestdagh


Note to all that there is not much of an image for this module. The reason for that is that this module is mostly text. I tried to keep it as close to the original game as possible. There is an eerie background image and that is it. The full rules and text for each room can be found in the module. Please try this game. It is awesome!!!

Derelicts of Sin: Heresy is the first in a series of games revolving around the Derelicts of Sin and the dark past of the Theocratic Council.

Heresy revolves around Kyle Mason, the sole survivor of a terrible act of sabotage. Hoping to find oxygen before he asphyxiates, Kyle limps his sabotaged ship into a forbidden Cursed Zone called "the Wreckage." There, he boards one of the Derelicts of Sin, the Heresy, desperate to find the supplies he needs to survive and return home.

This solo game seeks to recreate the feel of classic text-based adventures. The player takes on the role of engineer Kyle Mason. Oxygen is used as action points to move, open locked doors, restore power, etc. The player begins on the Airlock tile. As he or she explores the ship, additional tiles are drawn randomly and added to the ship. These tiles provide instructions on how to further advance, reveal the items that can be found in the new room, and detail the the puzzle(s), if any, that must be solved in order to win the game.

In the current version, a player sheet is used to track the player's physical and mental states (which affect the player's ability to search the ship and perform various actions), as well as the player's oxygen level and inventory. Another optional version is in development that will use chart tiles and tokens to track these things.

As the player explores the ship, he or she will find data cards that gradually reveal the terrible fate of the Heresy and its passengers and crew. They also provide victory points that are key to obtaining the specific ending a player desires. Without sufficient victory points, players will lose when they end the game, so it's important to find as many data cards as possible.

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