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From Vassal
Publisher GMT Games Era Napoleonic
Year 2005 Topic Naval
Players 1 to 4 Scale Tactical
Length Variable Series Flying Colors: Naval Actions in the Age of Sail


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
Flying_Colors_2-6-0.vmod Module 21.74 MB 2023-11-01 3.7.5 marktb1961
Flying_Colors_2-6-0_DeluxeBeta3.vmdx Extension 14.32 MB 2023-11-01 3.7.5 marktb1961
Flying_Colors_vol4_1-0-2.vmdx Extension 21.68 MB 2023-11-01 3.7.5 mpnagel marktb1961
FlyingColorsChangeLog.txt Change Log 2 KB 2023-11-01 3.7.5 marktb1961
Flying_Colors_2-5-4.vmod Module 16.83 MB 2022-04-11 3.6.6 marktb1961
Flying_Colors_2-5-4_SOTL.vmdx Extension 11.09 MB 2022-04-11 3.6.6 marktb1961
Flying_Colors_2-4-2.vmod Module 9.34 MB 2021-07-21 3.5.8 marktb1961
Flying_Colors_2-4-2_SOTL.vmdx Extension 5.36 MB 2021-07-21 3.5.8 marktb1961
Flying_Colors_2-3-1.vmod Module 8.09 MB 2016-01-27 3.2 rfdoane
Flying_Colors_2-3-1_SOTL.vmdx Extension 3.75 MB 2016-01-27 3.2 rfdoane

Module Information

Maintainer rfdoane
Contributors rfdoane, marktb1961


Version 2.6 update to v2.5 by marktb1961 Version 2.6 adds ability to use Initiative/Maneuver cards for new scenarios and for the pre-defined Duel scenarios. It includes all the features of version 2.5 but is not backward compatible. The main focus of this initial release is a review of all scenarios, adding scenario notes, a "last turn" marker and scenario variants where specified. Scenarios are now listed and organised in the module on the same lines as the Deluxe Edition Playbook & C3i Magazine Scenarios booklet.

Update 1 Nov 2023: The production release fixes some issues and adds an extension for Vol IV: Under the Southern Cross. The Deluxe Edition Extension remains "work in progress" at this time.

Version 2.5 A features update by marktb1961 Version 2.5 is based on version 2.4.x; however, it is not backward compatible. Support available via the Vassal Module Support forum. New Features

  1. Hits / recovery will automatically adjust the ship counter's dismast / damage status.
  2. Hits can be applied in multiples, using menu command or Ctrl / Alt (+Shift) & number keys.
  3. Hits & status changes added to reporting. Key messages highlighted with bold / color
  4. A ship that has a hull strength of zero will have its Fire Port and Fire Starboard commands disabled.
  5. Markers and Commands added for Short Sails and Manpower Losses. Turn-in-Sequence marker added.
  6. Sunk ships leave an awash ship marker behind. This can be turned off and Awash ships can be removed (exploded).
  7. All ship markers can now be applied from right-click menus. An option is provided to place Full Sail or On Fire markers by a right-click command, as well as the module's custom graphics.
  8. Captured/Recapture integrated with marker, Manpower and Victory Point effects. End turn confirms the ship's captured status and thereafter a Recapture alters Victory Points but not the other capture effects.
  9. Deluxe edition Turn Track & Sequence of Play and Player Aids added to Charts (renamed Player Aids).
  10. Turn is advanced by End Turn button.
  11. More Hotkeys provided for common functions. Help includes a summary of hot-keys.
  12. Optional tools highlight ships for attention during the ship status check phase. These include die icons where a die roll is required.
  13. Activated ships show a Movement trail, emphasised for the current active ship.
  14. There is now one set of Markers and ship markers will auto-stack to ship counters. To stack a leader, position the correctly sized leader counter (stern of large ships) and click on it once to align.
  15. Clicking on a leader that is stacked on a ship will show the command range for that leader. Click again or move the stack/leader to turn off.
  16. Wounded Leader state can be reversed (toggle same command); the Eliminate command requires Leader to first be Wounded.
  17. VP chart: "Other" points can now be corrected using the minus icon. Ship and Leader counters display VP side.
  18. Sound effects for die roll and end turn. Die roll sounds only when Hotkey (Escape, F2 or F3) or a die icon is used to roll the die. Module sound effects can be turned off in Vassal module Preferences...Sounds panel.
  19. Shoal markers now part of terrain (ships will over-lay)
  20. Toolbar Help expanded to include official rules and website links. Module help file updated to include v2.5 features. Tutorial re-worked.
  21. Order of Battle and Undamaged Ships inventories are provided from Ships & Leaders menu on the main toolbar.
  22. Scenarios:
    1. Audacity on VPs chart reviewed and corrected (non-British Audacity was incorrect in some base game scenarios) (v2.5.1).
    2. Duels & new scenario option added.
    3. C3i23 (Lorient) and C3i25 scenarios reviewed/annotated.
    4. The Glorious First of June scenarios correctly categorised.
  23. Vulnerable / Destroyed hull indication displayed by ship hull hits and in mouse-over text. (v2.5.2)
  24. Full sails status/command is subject to damage rules. (v2.5.1)

Change impacts on previous versions

  1. Ship of the Line and C3i scenarios are under the Fleet Actions menu.
  2. Turn Track replaced by new chart feature.
  3. Hotkey for VP track changed (now Shift+F10).
  4. Menus reorganised to separate hits / damage, turning & movement effects.
  5. Marker counters rationalised to a single set. Matching to ship counters now managed through movement of the markers.
  6. Firing Arcs turn off when a Fire button is pressed (on or off). Also hotkey Alt+\ and end-turn do the same.
  7. The few ship counters that were customised to scenarios are no longer (impact is that Full Sails is not locked off). C3i18 Lorient scenario refers players to the Delayed notes feature rather than using hidden counters.

v2.4.2 Change Log

  1. Minor bug fix: End Turn now clears Shore battery "fired" marks
  2. Movement on main map (when enabled) reports basic name, excluding prefixes/suffixes added by layers.

Version 2.4.2 supersedes previous release.

v2.4.1 Change Log

  1. Initial Broadside tracking added as an optional feature. Works seamlessly with firing commands and end-turn button. Optional status reporting to chat window, or rely on ship graphics and mouse-over. See Help...Help with the Flying Colors Module for details.
  2. Help files reformatted as PDF (Vassal unable to present the RTF format used previously)
  3. Function key F1 will show/hide charts
  4. Single end turn button (clearing broadside and movement markers in one operation)

Posted with permission of GMT Games.

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