Module:Great War Commander

From Vassal
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Publisher Hexasim Era WWI
Year 2018 Topic Western Front
Players 1 to 2 Scale Tactical
Length 180-360 minutes


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
GreatWarCommander_v2-3.vmod Module 84.97 MB 2024-05-11 3.7.12
GreatWarCommander v2-2-3.vmod Module 79.18 MB 2023-12-13 3.5.5
GreatWarCommander v2-2.vmod Module 77.59 MB 2021-05-21 3.5.5
GreatWarCommander v2-1.vmod Module 77.53 MB 2020-05-09 3.2.17
GreatWarCommander v2.vmod Module 76.8 MB 2020-03-04 3.2.17
GreatWarCommander v1.vmod Module 45.91 MB 2019-02-22 3.2.17

Module Information

Maintainer Joel Toppen
Contributors Joel Toppen, Eric Yorkston


Version 2.3 adds Battle Pack 1 maps, scenarios, and counters.

Version 2.2.3 adds alert sounds for dice rolls with Events, Sniper!, and Time.

Version 2.2 corrects numerous small bugs.

Version 2.x includes the British expansion to the game.

Most things should be fairly self-explanatory. Right-click on things when in doubt...

Great War Commander VASSAL Module Instructions

Most things should be self-explanatory. There are a few things that users should know, however:

1. All of the maps are actually embedded in the main map display. Hold the shift key down and right-click simultaneously. A popup menu will appear. Choose “Select Map” from the popup menu. From here you can select any map and, voila! The map will change, without affecting any other game bits. This will make playing campaigns possible if/when such things are designed.

2. The tradeoff to the above functionality is that game pieces do not dim when drawing LOS thread. Use the adjacent button on toolbar to hide pieces before drawing LOS.

3. As you can see in scenario setups there are French and German roundel markers on the leading edge of each player’s “side” of the board. These markers are in the pieces tray, markers tab. Once placed they can only be re-selected by holding shift key and left-clicking. These pieces can be given a label as the player desires. I found this feature useful for presenting information such as Posture, Orders, and Discard.

4. There is a green border surrounding the forward observer hexes. This is to remind players that they can right-click in these hexes to generate an SR marker. Leaders also have this functionality.

5. Module does NOT keep score automatically. PLAYER will have to keep VP score manually.

6. There is space to the right of each map where cards drawn for die roll, event, or random hex are played. The other two card spaces are for Strategy Card play and for holding a face-down card from High Command Meddling event. IMPORTANT: Strategy cards DO NOT discard from here automatically when ending orders or card play. Right-click to do so manually. Also, for High Command Meddling: you must drag and drop from the decks window.

7. The "Draw Card" buttons on the toolbar do pretty much what you would expect. Cards will accumulate in the played cards space (see #6 above) until the next die roll card is drawn.

8. When you select the Attack button on the Firepower track, you can use the up and down arrow keys on keyboard to move it up and down the track. Same thing with the VP counters.

9. The End Order button darkens units that were activated previously and discards ALL cards in the middle card box on the cards display (the space where cards are drawn by pressing the button beneath).

10. The End Turn button reactivates darkened units that were activated during the turn.

11. The Artillery button on the toolbar deletes local barrage markers (but not standing/creeping barrage).

12. Right-click on SR counters allows you to quickly place local, gas, and standing/creeping barrage markers. Note that these markers do not stack and can be repositioned within the hexes (same with fortifications).

13. If you create a new scenario, the Objective counters are accessed by the toolbar button. Only in this window can units be selected from the deck by right-click. This expedites scenario setup. Right-click on this “deck” to send to the main draw pile on the map (which does not have right-click to select specific counters functionality).

14. I created a window with 3 random draw cups. One of the scenarios requires use of this.

15. Units, leaders, tanks cannot be deleted unless they are in the Scenario Forces window.

16. “Long” counters rotate 30 degrees clockwise when first placed on the map. When selected, you can use the arrow keys on your keyboard to rotate tanks and drive them forward. Check it out, it’s fun to drive a tank!

17. When you start a new scenario there will be TWO Initiative cards in the middle of the map. Choose the one appropriate to the scenario you are setting up (US if the US is involved, otherwise the French card). Right-click on the card to send it to the correct player’s hand. Right-click on the OTHER card which is NOT to be used and you can delete it. Initiative cards can only be deleted from the main map. Right-click on Initiative card to pass back and forth to the players.

18. Cards can be drawn into player hand using the draw card buttons in their hand windows. Open the Decks window to see a count of how many cards are remaining in a player’s deck.

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  • Joel Toppen