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Gulf Strike bc.jpg
Publisher Victory Games Era Modern Warfare
Year 1983 Topic Middle East Conflict
Players 2 to 2 Scale Operational
Length Medium

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
Gulf_Strike_v2.1.vmod Module 20.42 MB 2021-02-10 unknown Greg Warren Richz99, Craig68x, Cdbrinker
Gulf_Strike_v2.0.vmod Module 20.42 MB 2019-07-11 unknown Greg Warren Richz99, Craig68x, Cdbrinker
Gulf_Strike_v1.52.vmod Module 18.92 MB 2018-12-09 unknown Cdbrinker Richz99, Craig68x
Gulf Strike v1.51.vmod Module 18.74 MB 2012-02-05 unknown Richz99 Craig68x
Gulf Strike v1.5.vmod Module 24.8 MB 2012-02-04 unknown Craig68x Richz99
Gulf Strike v1.02.vmod Module 18.52 MB 2010-10-30 unknown Richz99
Gulf Strike v1.0.vmod Module 18.57 MB 2010-09-29 unknown Richz99
Gulf Strike v.95.vmod Module 19.27 MB 2010-07-12 unknown Richz99


Gulf Strike was designed to be the state of the art in Land, Air, and Sea modern simulation. Since its original release, Gulf Strike has shown its ability to simulate the changing character of the Gulf Wars from the Iran-Iraq war to the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait and its potential aftermath. In fact the original 1983 edition correctly anticipated the type and character of units the United States would send to the region in the event of a crisis. Seven complete scenarios cover the recent history of the region, plus the current Desert Shield operation, and portray the multitude of alliances possible to counter threats arising in numerous quarters. Complete air, land, and sea orders of battle for several dozen nations allow you to fight each conflict to its unpredictable and often startling conclusion.

12/9/18: Added two player sides, USSR and Iran. Added airbase windows specific to each player side and enabled masking air and naval units on the operational and strategic maps from the opposing player.

2/4/12: Enhanced Rich's Gulf Strike module (permission given) to include some interesting effects. These are noted in the Help menu.

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