Module:Hands in the Sea

From Vassal
Publisher Knight Works, LLC Era Ancient
Year 2016 Topic The Punic Wars
Players 2 to 2 Scale Strategic
Length 150 min


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
LIVE 1.3
Hands-in-the-sea-V 1-3.vmod module 37.45 MB 2017-4-17 3.2.15
LIVE 1.2
Hands-in-the-sea-V 1-2.vmod module 37.46 MB 2017-1-25 3.2.15
LIVE 1.1
Hands-in-the-sea-V 1-1.vmod module 37.49 MB 2016-11-28 3.2.15
LIVE 1.0
Hands-in-the-sea-V 1-0.vmod module 37.49 MB 2016-10-01 3.2.15
No automation 1.0
Hands-in-the-sea-V 1-0Basic.vmod module 15.58 MB 2016-10-01 3.2.15

Module Information


There are two versions of this module. When playing, be SURE that you are using the same version as your opponent. The LIVE version was designed with live play in mind. It is extremely automated. Every move is described in the narrative box and the module automatically carries out multiple steps to speed up play and reduce errors. It was developed over 3 years, but with all of the card interactions, there is a chance that there is a bug somewhere. Before starting a new game, come here and see if there is a newer version. Before using this module, go through the READ ME tabs and get familiar with the module. The PBEM version has almost no automation. It is for e-mail play between two players who know the game very well. Update to 1.2: Bug discovered that when Rome raids a Carthaginian development, the total raided developments does not increase. It can be overrode manually, but this version corrects the bug.

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