Module:Invasion of the Air-Eaters

From Vassal
Publisher Metagaming Concepts Era Fantasy
Year 1979 Topic Science Fiction
Players 1 to 3 Scale Strategic
Length Medium Series Metagaming Microgames series


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
aireaters006.vmod Module 394 KB unknown unknown
aireaters002.vmod Module 381 KB unknown unknown

Module Information

Maintainer jimu
Contributors jimu


You can find more screenshots and background information at the Project Home Page.

Metagaming Microgame #12

I did this over module 2 and a half years ago, and have just gotten around to uploading it now. Man, how time flies when you have a kid!

Implementation Notes

  • Deploy AirEater Bases and Air Converters by right clicking and chosing DEPLOY.
  • To set up a new game, use File > New Game (Basic)
  • To mark production as devestated, SHIFT-CLICK the Production Number on the map, and RIGHT-CLICK to devestate or rebuild production. Alternatively, you can use the (-1) (-2) (-3) markers.
  • Track the current turn with the Turn counter on Turn track (Orbit window).
  • You can track total production by placing PROD marker on the Turn/Nuke or AI index tracks (both on the Orbit window). The PROD marker can indicate +10/20/30/40 by right clicking it.
  • Track research by draging researched units to the R&D Box (Orbit window).

Advanced Game

  • Track nukes by draging a nuke markers to the map and the Turn/Nuke track (located on the Orbit window).
  • Oil isn't implemented. Markers similar to the production numbers would need to be added, if anyone is requests it.
  • Nationalities are not implemented. Boarders and country colors could be added to the map and a nationality indicator added to ARMY counters.

Change Log 0.0.6

  • Added named regions to Orbit board so meaningful information is reported in the log window, e.g., "Turn moves 1 -> 2"
  • Added invisible board numbering to map so meaningful information is reported in the log window, e.g., "Lander moves Orbit -> 0605"
  • Corrected AI Index (there was no 13 box)

Contact Feel free to send bug reports/feature requests/etc. to jimu.

Oh yea. Have fun!

Screen Shots


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