Module:Nations in Arms: Valmy to Waterloo

From Vassal
Publisher Compass Games Era Napoleonic
Year 2012 Topic Napoleonic Wars
Players 2 to 5 Scale Strategic
Length n/a


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
NIA v1.4_2.vmod module 43.31 MB 2013-07-10 3.2.7
NIA v1.5.vmod module 50.15 MB 2020-05-06 3.2.17
NIA v1.6.vmod module 50.81 MB 2020-06-23 3.2.17
NIA_v1_7.vmod module 52.5 MB 2021-01-16 3.2.17

Module Information

Maintainer Kevin Graves, Tom Swider
Contributors Christian van Someren, Mark Hodgkinson



  • (1) Added Place Marker feature for Contact markers (Leaders and Units).
  • (2) Phase button for tracking activation and combat cycle
  • (3) Added battle board and allow for more units to be placed per row. Already increased size to 120% of that in version 1.6.
  • (4) Shortcut to add units to battleboard (empire/coalition army 1/2/3)
  • (5) Merge Cards into markers tray (space needed on button bar)
  • (6) Update the player aid cards to reflect all recent changes.
  • (7) Fix Augerau ... looks funny in the Rossback scenario.
  • (8) Reminder on cup map as to how many times Winter Quarters was drawn.
  • (9) Fix 1794 deck for LPD scenario (remove non-1794 cards for Tallyrand and Constription Refusal).
  • (10) Update the 1792 scenario notes to let players know where to find the Jomini merceary counter (enters with card C-19 "Soldier of Fortune").
  • (11) Added decks and shortcuts for cards removed from play and discards.
  • (12) Added generic "numeric counter with label". One is added to the Initiative cup to help players track number of times Winter Quarters was drawn. It can be cloned or new ones pulled from the tray to help players remember counts of various other things (perhaps number of MP remaining for more complex movements).
  • (13) Added shortcut for Armies to add contact marker
  • (14) Make charts bigger for Terrain, Trade and Production, Major Power Resources and Diplomacy.


  • (1) Added nationally colored activation markers so players can differentiate stack owners (instead of all players' stacks having a white marker on top). White is for Austria.
  • (2) Fixed Bad Data in Module error messages related to pieces sent to the Minor Force Pools map.
  • (3) Add text reminder to initiative pool for seasonal effects, and a reminder to keep the last activation marker out at end of turn as a reminder as to who will get the next initiative chit.
  • (4) Highlighter to show what is the currently activated force.
  • (5) Added Side called "Coalition". Selecting this allows one player to control all factions except France.
  • (6) Fixed initial decks for the campaign games. I just discovered there is a button in the window that can undo all that ... it returns all cards to the draw pile. I'm hesitant to remove it because some may find it useful, though my gut tells me to remove it. I'll keep it in for now and await any feedback.
  • (7) Fixed Conscription Refusal and Tallyrand cards; they were displaying the graphic for "Art of War".
  • (8) Moved the cards inventory marker next to markers inventory so that it's not confused with the two primary draw piles. Also made some similiar button reorg to try to keep common sets together.
  • (9) Added battle board for when you need to expose armies under the Fog of War optional rules.


  • Add better splash screen graphic (game box cover).
  • All scenarios included. Scenario notes regarding individual unit setup included as a Label on appropriate units.
  • Made button graphics more consistent.
  • Rotate contact markers and activation markers.
  • Added army boxes to country windows and rerouted shortcuts to those rather than boxes on map.
  • Created Record Track window (season, year, money, alliance credits, naval boxes).
  • Shortcut to return chits to cup; hint: select all the markers, send to cup. They'll stack "on top" of the cup and you'll just need to drag them slightly to deposit them all.
  • Shortcut to send French naval units to Corsairs box, and other Naval units to Escorts box.
  • Fix siege markers so they are multi-step.
  • Add named areas so that moving markers generate log messages if user has set their preferences to do so.
  • ZoI shading for armies.
  • Enable vassal native Notes button feature.
  • Show dice roll totals.
  • Added major power markers for Austria, Prussia, Russia, and Spain.
  • Added minor power markers for Romagna, Dalmatia, Italy, Rhine Confederation, Sardinia, Sicily, Westphalia. Not sure if what I have are the correct period flags so if they are not please provide a graphic.
  • Add charts (e.g. CRT, Terrain Effects).
  • Fixed error messages for sending minor forces to the force pools.

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