Module:Navia Dratp

From Vassal
Publisher Bandai Era Fantasy
Year 2004 Topic Economic
Players 2 to 2 Scale Abstract
Length 30 min


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
VND_1.4_Special.vmod Module 2.71 MB unknown unknown
VND_1.4_Standard.vmod Module 2.69 MB unknown unknown
VND_Sample_Game.vlog Log File 24 KB unknown unknown
VND_Default_Starter_Setup.vsav Saved Setup 16 KB unknown unknown
VND_Default_Starter_Setup_Painted.vsav Saved Setup 16 KB unknown unknown
VND_Gyullas_Gulled_Ready.vsav Saved Setup 13 KB unknown unknown
VND_Overview_masetai_Gray.vsav Saved Setup 6 KB unknown unknown
VND_Overview_masetai_Gray_Dratp.vsav Saved Setup 6 KB unknown unknown
VND_Overview_masetai_Painted.vsav Saved Setup 6 KB unknown unknown
VND_Overview_masetai_Painted_Dratp.vsav Saved Setup 6 KB unknown unknown

Module Information

Maintainer casualgamertoo
Contributors casualgamertoo


A chess-like, anime-inspired, collectible miniatures game.

This game was released in the Fall of 2004, and has generated great enthusiasm among the gamers who actually have had a chance to play it.

Update January 2011: The original website and the Yahoo group are defunct, for more information about the game please go to the appropriate BoardGameGeek page.


Unlike most collectible games, Navia Dratp is entirely non-random, like chess. It is actually most closely related to japanese chess, Shogi, and one variant in particular, Tori Shogi. But unlike chess, which has a small number of fixed pieces, Navia Dratp allows the player to select 7 pieces from their pool at the beginning of the game (pawns are fixed).

Each piece can also be "promoted", and has a unique "special power". But this is only allowed after the player has accumulated the necessary amount of power, thus adding an element of resource management and manipulation.

All these elements allow for great, interesting variation in gameplay. In order to keep the learning curve fairly low, all the relevant information is included on each miniature, and a separate corresponding card.

Give it a try!


Like most collectible games, each player needs a fixed Starter set (2 variations are available) and can then buy random boosters. However, unlike most collectible games, the amount of different miniatures is very small, and they are easy to collect. Only the entirely optional rare pre-painted miniatures are harder to get, but have little impact on gameplay (especially outside of sanctioned tournaments).

Notes on the VASSAL modules

The 2 modules (Standard edition and Special edition) can be used interchangeably, it is only a matter which -board- you prefer.

Both modules contain the full set of pieces released before its untimely demise, both from the original "Darkness Unleashed" set and the only expansion "Resurgence": all the Navias, including the very rare Persephone, all the regular pieces in gray, as well as their factory-painted counterpart from the boosters. You can mix and match as you wish.

The other files have a self-explanatory title, and provide among other things a log of a sample game, and perhaps more usefully a number of standard setups, allowing you to get get started quickly without having to set up the board one piece at a time. The "Default Starter Setups" in particular are identical to what what you would get from the fixed starter boxes (the original Blue and Red sets purchased separately, or the Combined Set released later)

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