Module:Next War: Taiwan

From Vassal
Publisher GMT Games Era Modern Warfare
Year 2014 Topic Chinese/Taiwan War
Players 2 to 4 Scale Operational
Length long

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
NWTaiwan1_4 Revised
NWTaiwan1_4 Revised.vmod Module 28.34 MB 2020-06-18 3.2.17 zhodani zhodani
NWTaiwan1_3 Revised
NWTaiwan1_3 Revised.vmod Module 28.34 MB 2020-06-10 3.2.17 zhodani zhodani
NWTaiwan1_1 Revised
NWTaiwan1_1 Revised.vmod Module 26.54 MB 2020-05-19 3.2.17 zhodani zhodani
NWTaiwan1_0 Revised
NWTaiwan1_0 Revised.vmod Module 26.1 MB 2020-04-22 3.2.17 zhodani zhodani
NWTaiwan2_2.vmod Module 13.87 MB 2016-05-27 3.2.16 zhodani zhodani
NWTaiwan2_1.vmod Module 13.82 MB 2016-04-29 3.2.15 zhodani zhodani
NWTaiwan2_0.vmod Module 12.8 MB 2016-03-30 3.2.15 zhodani zhodani
NWTaiwan1_9.vmod Module 12.3 MB 2015-04-03 3.2.15 zhodani zhodani
NWTaiwan1_8.vmod Module 12.24 MB 2015-03-17 3.2.15 zhodani zhodani
NWTaiwan1_7.vmod Module 31.24 MB 2015-03-08 3.2.15 zhodani zhodani
NWTaiwan1_0.vmod Module 43.16 MB 2014-12-18 3.2.13 John Rainey


Version NWTaiwan1_4 Revised has corrected the Advanced Supplemental scenarios missing 10th Corps HQ, and I fixed some errors with the Optional India Pak 19.0 rules with Australian HQ, Aircraft, and Commonwealth ship to operate properly.

Version NWTaiwan1_3 Revised has the scenarios updated by Next War Series fan Ron Freda. He graciously volunteered and has provided setups with PRC supplement rules, and the standard GSR rules. Also note that the module has all the latest supplement content relevant to Taiwan. So India Pak GSR Optional rule 19 with French and Australians, etc. Also Cyber, Counter Insurgency, optional air, etc. etc.

Version NWTaiwan1_1 Revised fixed all F-35's with correct images and numbers. Fixed PRC J-31 with correct image. Fixed USAF B-1B with correct image. Added missing supplement counters for PRC airborne and marines. Updated Air mobile used markers with correct images (old version said destroyed) and made home made ones for the Philippines, Malaysia, and Vietnam air mobile markers (not great but keeps from confusion with old version). Added CW Replacement marker.

Version NWTaiwan1_0 Revised has been updated with all the supplement stuff (hopefully didn't miss anything and it works) and brought up to speed NW:Korea 2nd edition standards (well my standards). Hopefully you don't find any bugs, but if you do reach out. Lastly the scenarios have NOT been included. Hopefully that will be remedied soon, but in meantime I wanted to get the latest and greatest in your hands.

Peace out and play safe.

Version 2.2 updates the Japanese AH-64, USMC AH-1Z's (which weren't reducing), and replaced B-52H with the errata numbers (giving it stand-off).

Version 2.1 now completes the adding of all Supplement Optional counters/units. You will find the Alternate Air as a button on the tool bar. This is a combination of the basic and advance rules and will speed up the game a bit. Note you won't use the Air Map then. The Cyber Counters have been included and they are located on the Game Turn Record Track.

Version 2.0 has me adding the optional Sub counters to the Naval Map in draw piles on far left of map. Note that the Dummies are in there own stacks to keep them separate from real subs and keep them hidden from opponent. You can peek at them and if you do your opponent will not see what they are as they stay hidden when choosing this option. Clicking on an empty spot on the map will hide them again.

Version 1.9 fixes an error I made. I loaded "Red Dragon Rising" scenario for "Target Kaohsiung" scenario. This has been corrected.

Version 1.8 fixes PRC beachhead issue. Also made Mines and colored X markers non stackable. Control markers made more transparent so they don't distract on Taiwan map as much.

Version 1.7 minor fix to correct PRC SOF counters to be sent to correct location when used, eliminated, etc.

Version 1.6 has been loaded, which adds the Advance Scenarios. Remember that you will still have some setup to do on your own once you determine Posture Levels of US/JPN for these Advanced Scenarios. Remember that ground units that become eligible to setup up before the game starts can be gotten from the Allied Reinforcement button located by the Japan Holding Box on main map.

Version 1.5 has a butt load of Art and bug fixes, as well as an added Allied Reinforcement Button down by the Japan Holding box. Right now only the Standard Scenarios are included so Joel Toppen can do his demonstration of this game on Thursday 26Feb2015. Otherwise I will get the advance ones done asap and post it complete.

Version 1.4 (skipped 1.2 and 1.3 for accounting purposes). Fixed it so PRC and US Amph's could be reduced to SAG sides (if you do it by mistake just select reinforce). Added PBEM Combat Markers so you could label attacks if you wanted. I changed the Marked Moved overlay from the top to the right side of counter so you could read the name of the unit when so marked. Changed attack marker from red outline with a slash through it to just a red box as the slash made it to hard to read combat information. Deleted some unnecessary files to reduce file size, but Mitchell Land was the biggest contributor to this as he went through it and found 14 more meg to remove. So it's gone down from 43 to just above 26 Megs as file size.

Version 1.1 is a minor edit. Counters on main map won't stack on hex edges and on vertex's. They will now snap to center hex making movement much easier. An addition was adding mouse overview of a hex number. I could barely see the hex numbers on map. This has been corrected so when you do a mouse over of hex you will see in text hex number. Permission by Mitchell Land before I posted.

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  • Shun-Wen Chen
  • Alexandre Carmel-Veilleux
  • Dave Eddington
  • Mitchell Land
  • John Rainey