Module:No Retreat 4! Italian Front: 1943-45

From Vassal
Publisher GMT Games Era WWII
Year 2015 Topic Mediterranean Front
Players 2 to 3 Scale Operational
Length medium Series No Retreat series


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
NoRetreat4-1.2.vmod module 25.58 MB 2016-02-08 3.2.15
NoRetreat4-1.0.vmod module 24 MB 2015-12-17 3.2.15

Module Information

Maintainer bdgza
Contributors bdgza


Important: Due to the large map size the tiling of the map image may take a few minutes.

Italian Front 1.2

  • Split the map in 2 parts to make it a little easier on the VASSAL tiler when loading the module for the first time.
  • Added Return to Cup to Fort markers
  • Added Send to: Reserves/Garrisons/Shattered/Surrendered/Destroyed/Out of Play commands to units
  • Added command to Blitz!/Shock! markers to send to German/British/US player hand
  • Recreated all the campaign and scenario setups with the new units for the split map.
  • Games saved in v1.0 are not compatible with v1.2.

Italian Front 1.0

  • Initial release.

Module Notes

  • Map
    • All four map boards have been combined into one image of Italy.
    • Map boundary lines show the edges of the (original) map boards.
    • To represent which map boards are currently deployed 'on your table' it is possible to use a board overlay. The Boards button in the toolbar can toggle the overlay for the different map boards.
    • The main map has a hex number grid not present in the original game. It runs from the tip of Sicily to Northern Italy.
    • The Sardinia/Corsica box is on the main map. The other boxes (Reserves, Garrisons, Shattered/Destroyed/Surrendered Units) have been moved to the Forces window.
    • The Roma toolbar button toggles a red highlight 3 hexes around Roma to help with [2.0B].
  • Setup
    • The map contains greyscale Fascist, Fascist 2, and Static counters. These are setup tokens (as per p4, 5, 9 of the playbook). When these tokens are activated you can right-click Setup them. This will replace the setup token with a drawn token from the Draw Cup in Forces. If no more tokens are available in the Draw cup the setup token will just be deleted.
    • The greyscale Fort counters are setup tokens and should be replaced by a Fort marker drawn from the cup. First draw the correct number of Fort markers, Peek at their value, and then decide which setup token to replace with which Fort marker.
    • Place units from the Strategic Map Display (SMD) on the map.
  • Reinforcements
    • The reinforcement units are already placed on the reinforcements chart.
    • Units that upgrade (with a white turn box) do not have a counter on this chart.
    • OB Süd units can be thrown to get a random side. Select the units and right-click Throw Counter (CTRL H).
  • Withdrawals
    • Right-click on a unit space to have the withdrawing unit automatically be retrieved – the log will print where the unit came from.
  • NOTE: some units are withdrawn and re-enter gameplay several times, and there are therefore multiple copies of the same unit in the module. Only use one instance of each unit at a time. Units withdrawn should not ever be re-used, as reinforcing unit counters are already placed as copies.
  • 3-player
    • When the Allies are split between 2 players the British player should give the US player his Reserve tokens and the Shock Target / Clark/Alex Only token.
  • Flip-Flop
    • When Flip-Flop-ing (2 or 3 player games): un-mask (Flip) all the cards, have all players Resign their position and choose Observer, then choose the opposite side, and re-mask (Flip) the cards.
  • OOP
    • When a unit or marker "leaves the game" or is eliminated place it in the OOP (Out of Play) window.
  • Decks
    • Cards should be drawn using the Draw Card buttons in the hand windows. This will automatically prevent you from drawing the last card in the deck, as per [5.0].
    • When only 1 card is remaining a warning is printed: "* *** Only 1 card remaining, a reshuffle is needed!". Open the Decks window and right-click the Discard pile to Reshuffle.
  • Forces
    • The German Kampfgruppe and Italian Fascist untried markers are undetermined. They do not have a drawn value until they are Flipped to their tried side. They are then replaced with an actual Kampfgruppe/Fascist unit token from a hidden draw cup. This way any of these untried tokens saved in a scenario setup are still randomized later during gameplay.
    • German Kampfgruppe and Italian Fascist units have be to returned to their respective draw cups using the right-click command: Return to Draw cup (untried) / Return to Cup (tried). Tried tokens can not be manually returned by dragging. Exception: Fort tokens are missing a Return command and need to be manually returned to the draw cup.
    • Fort tokens are not undetermined. The German player can Peek at them before placement.
    • The draw cups are always random, and do not need to be shuffled.
    • The Shock!/Blitz! tokens automatically change type when dragged into the German or British/US hand windows.
    • OKW and OB Süd units are on the Reinforcements track.
  • Hand windows
    • You may draw up to 6 cards, but with events it's possible that you temporarily hold more than 6 cards. Therefore there are 2 additional card space.
    • The space on the left holds the Leader card. Right-click the active leader card in Leaders to install.
    • The colored boxes in the middle can be used instead of using the Reserves boxes. The top box is Inactive and the bottom box is Active. Move tokens up/down as they are gained/spent.
  • High Tide
    • The High Tide marker is in the Markers panel, when playing with Initiative Switches.
  • Leaders
    • A random deck space is provided for Axis and for Allies to randomly draw a leader from among multiple candidates.
  • Attrition Combat Resolution
    • Select all the Target tokens you wish to throw and right-click Attrition Throw (or CTRL T) to get the result.

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