Module:Saints in Armor

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Saints in Armor.jpg
Publisher GMT Games Era Gunpowder
Year 2012 Topic Thirty Years War
Players 2 to 2 Scale Tactical
Length Medium Series Musket & Pike Series

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
SiA-Fleurus_2.02.vmod Module 10.58 MB 2014-10-27 3.2.13 zhodani
SiA-Hochst_2.02.vmod Module 11.63 MB 2014-10-27 3.2.13 zhodani
Lutter am Barenberge
SiA-Lutter am Barenberge_2.02.vmod Module 11.55 MB 2014-10-27 3.2.13 zhodani
SiA-Wimpfen_2.02.vmod Module 11.56 MB 2014-10-27 3.2.13 zhodani
White Mountain
SiA_WM04.vmod Module 8.07 MB 2014-04-16 3.2.11 Mike Westley
SiA_Stad04.vmod Module 7.22 MB 2014-04-22 3.2.11 Mike Westley


2.02 Minor bugfix as of 11/10/2014

For all battle's read the scenario notes before beginning game for helpful setup information. Any errors found please send me a friendly email.

5th April 2014 uploaded Fleurus version 1.5 per player suggestions to add another layer of zoom, setting up F1 & F2 as default keys to zoom in and out of map, and made game markers rotational.

8th April 2014 uploaded Lutter am Barenberge 1.5 (right now 1.5 is the latest for all modules)

16th April 2014 uploaded White Mountain 0.04 (Mike W version).

20th April 2014 uploaded a new version of Fleurus. Some bug fixes along with the removal of having to pick sides. Makes it more friendly to play solitaire and to jump right in and play.

21st April 2014 uploaded a new version of Lutter. Same as above bug fixes etc.

21st April 2014 uploaded new module Wimpfen

22nd April 2014 uploaded Wimpfen with updated scenario that will no longer force a player to be observer

22nd April 2014 uploaded new module Stadtlohn

2nd May 2014 uploaded the last battle for Saints in Armor, new module Hochst

Screen Shots


  • Rick Galli
  • Pierre Miranda
  • nwright
  • Stiglr
  • Paul-E