Module:The African Campaign

From Vassal
Publisher Jedko Games Era WWII
Year 1973 Topic North Africa
Players 1 to 2 Scale Strategic
Length 120 minutes


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Jedko Second Edition
The-African-Campaign-by-Jedko-v1.2.vmod Module 3.92 MB 2014-09-18 3.2.0+
The-African-Campaign-by-Jedko-v1.1.vmod Module 3.87 MB 2012-04-03 3.1.17+
The-African-Campaign-by-Jedko-v1.0.vmod Module 3.88 MB 2012-03-08 3.1.17+

Module Information

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The African Campaign covers the war in North Africa during world war two. The map covers an area from Alexandria to just east of Tripoli. Units are from brigade to divisional level. This game is much like an advanced version of Avalon Hill's Afrika Korps.


Jedko Games have given their kind permission for this module to be published provided no copy of the rule book is included with it. ... scotty 8MAR2012

Version History / Notes

v1.2 - Revised module 18SEP2014

  • Replaced the tiled map with a single png image. Modern Vassal seems to have much improved image handling for large maps.
  • Fixed the bugs with the NZ 2nd (the counter was included twice).
  • Added counter overlays which show a small bar graph along the rigth side of the counter indicating the number of steps that a unit has left.
  • Map coordinates now appear at moderate zoom levels (didn't appear at all before).

Older versions ...

v1.1 - Revised module 3APR2012

v1.0 - A new module completed 8MAR2012

.... scotty

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