Module:The Dark Valley

From Vassal
Publisher GMT Games Era WWII
Year 2013 Topic Eastern Front
Players 2 to 2 Scale Operational
Length 500 min


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
2.0 Deluxe
The_Dark_Valley_G02.vmod module 37.76 MB 2020-05-26 3.2.17
The_Dark_Valley_G01.vmod module 31.23 MB 2014-03-21 3.2.11

Module Information

Maintainer Gouka


Version 2.0 Deluxe version

This is an upgrade to the earlier module which has now been upgraded to the Deluxe version of The Dark Valley. The only major change is the new map, and a new Soviet Fortified Zone marker. Many kind thanks to Mark Simonitch of GMT for providing me with the Deluxe version map.

Version 1.1

This is a new module for The Dark Valley. I took initial inspiration from the 2.0 module for the game distributed by the GMT website, but I wanted to clean up the counters and also get the reinforcements off the time track, which I found cumbersome to use. That led to some other modifications and new graphics for the units and map, to the point where I had a completely new module. So here it is for people to try out and see how they like it.

Module Notes:

1) As noted, the reinforcement counters along with the initial placement units have all been moved offboard to two holding areas, Axis OOB and Soviet OOB. Here you will find the initial units for each scenario, along with a track you can scroll down to find each turns reinforcements and replacement points in the case of the Axis.

2) The Action chits have also been moved off the board into the Chit Cup area. Here all the chits are set up and you can choose which ones that need to be added to the cup. Once you have added the chits you need, and also at the beginning of any new scenario, be sure and right click the counters in the cup and choose Reshuffle.

3) Replacements are in the replacement window. Units that can be rebuilt are placed here automatically in their relevant area. The Russian player has a series of counters here to help keep track of the replacement values of his cities; right clicking on the counters allows you to set the values to 0, 3, and 5. There are also two counters to keep track of Lend-Lease and Off-map Factories. There are also a couple of counters for the player to manually set their total RP's to help as they replace units.

4) The Utilities button allows you to show/hide the Axis supply net, to return all air units to their active side at the start of a turn, and a choice to remove all of the starting Soviet mech units for turn 10.

5) The ZOC button allows you to show all units ZOC; one choice for Axis ZOC and one for Soviet ZOC, as well as a selection to remove all visible ZOC. There is a slight delay when using these as it needs to calculate this for all the units on the map. The main use of this is to get all the ZOC's displayed to help you when determining supply status. You can also show/hide ZOC's for individual units by right clicking the counter.

6) The Axis and Soviet control markers once placed are designed to only be accessible later on by holding the Shift Key + clicking the counter. This is to prevent them from being inadvertently moved when other units in the hex are selected and moved from the control marker hex.

Screen Shots


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