Module:The Great War

From Vassal
Publisher PSC Games Era WWI
Year 2015 Topic Western Front
Players 2 to 2 Scale Operational
Length short Series Commands & Colors


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
CCTheGreatWar-3.2.vmod module 31.4 MB 2021-10-10 3.4.13
CCTheGreatWar-3.1.vmod module 31.4 MB 2021-01-05 3.2.17
CCTheGreatWar-3.0.vmod module 31.39 MB 2019-03-26 3.2.17
2.0 r2
CCTheGreatWar-2.0.vmod module 20.96 MB 2016-05-16 3.2.16
CCTheGreatWar-1.0.vmod module 24.39 MB 2015-09-08 3.2.15

Version 3.x is not compatible with version 2.0. Version 2.0 is not compatible with version 1.0.

Module Information

Maintainer bdgza
Contributors bdgza


The Great War Fansite

Version 3.2

  • Increased minimum compatible VASSAL version to 3.4.13.
  • Fixes custom Java code to remove deprecations.
  • Removes warning dialogs on launch about obsolete code in newer VASSAL versions.

Version 3.1

  • Fixed a scenario setup mistake in scenario 54
  • Added a variant tank unit: Renault FT-17
  • Updated the tank unit chart with Whippet errata

Version 3.0

  • Added the French Army expansion components and scenarios
  • All scenarios updated and special personnel count added
  • Replaced the command and combat cards with the new larger cards from the Centenary edition
  • Changed the unit images and changed how special personnel is selected
  • Added +1 HQ button to the hand windows
  • Changed the toolbar button icons for the 2nd player team hand windows
  • Updated the charts
  • Updated and fixed the scenario notes window
  • Changed board layout and include special personnel count
  • Added a custom scenario banner
  • NOTE: as before, it's possible to increase/decrease counters with UP/DOWN arrow keys

Version 2.0

  • r2: Added scenario #18
  • Completely rebuild
  • Added the Tank expansion components and scenarios
  • Fixed the British medal spots, and moved the spots left a little
  • Reduced the size of the cards, and moved the decks left
  • Reduced the size of the decks panel
  • Added draw card and random discard buttons to the hand windows
  • Bolder and larger labels
  • Bolder and larger scenario title label
  • Added 2 more hand windows so it can be played with 2 teams of 2
  • Moving a unit to a medal spot reduces all its figures automatically
  • Added right-click menu item to remove special figure unit
  • The board can be switched between countryside and war torn
  • Added a tank expansion banner for Tank expansion scenarios
  • Added new combined summary charts for units and terrain
  • Terrain tiles have been updated
  • Moved tiles and units to a floating window
  • Renamed the module from "The Great War" to "C&C The Great War" because it conflicted with another game module
  • Added a double-width medal bar so there are medal spots up to 18


  • You can click the NO MAN'S LAND markers in the left column to toggle them.
  • To change the numbers click to select, then use the keyboard arrow keys to adjust.
  • Shift-click Figs Lost and right-click to adjust.
  • Shift-click medal spots and right-click Change (CTRL C) to change the number of victory medal spots.
  • Click a nation label and right-click Change (CTRL C) to change the nation.
  • Use the End Turn button to change the starting player.


  • Use the D6 x1 button for the No-Man's-Land shelling rolls.
  • Pieces > Markers contains medal tokens for victory objectives.
  • Pieces > Markers contains a targeting template. Drag this template on top of the target hex. Use Rotate (CTRL R) command if you are firing Axis reserve artillery. Use the right-click command on the template to fire 1-5 dice. Result is overlaid over the terrain.
  • Right-click on wire tiles to Flip (CTRL F) them to shell crater.
  • To adjust your HQ, click on the number value to select, then use the keyboard arrow keys to adjust. The HQ pool is automatically adjusted as well.

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