Module:Urban Operations

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Urban Operations cover.jpg
Publisher Nuts! Publishing Era Modern Warfare
Year 2017 Topic Wargame
Players 2 to 2 Scale Tactical
Length 120


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Urban Operation 1.01.vmod module 20.21 MB 2017-31-05 3.2.17
Urban Operation 1.03.vmod module 20.24 MB 2017-07-11 3.2.17
Urban Operation 1.04.vmod module 20.26 MB 2017-07-11 3.2.17
Urban Operation 1.05.vmod module 20.26 MB 2018-02-08 3.2.17
Urban Operation 1.06.vmod module 21.07 MB 2018-02-08 3.2.17
Urban Operation 1.07.vmod module 21.07 MB 2018-02-08 3.2.17
Urban Operation 1.08.vmod module 21.22 MB 2021-03-16 3.5.3

Module Information

Maintainer Mc Kain


Discover brand new game mechanisms for tactical Modern Warfare! Urban Operations uses blocks to simulate the Fog of War, and blocks rotation to show units hits. 3 campaigns (16 scenarios) including some famous fights:

  • Fulda - NATO vs Warsaw Pact (6 scenarios)
  • Mogadishu (6 scenarios)
  • Four Aces - elite units of 4 nations
    • US Marines in Fallujah (04)
    • French Foreign Legion at Kolwezi (78)
    • Russian Paratroopers in Groszny (99),
    • British Desert Rats in Bassrah (03)

Game system: simple but efficient

V1.03 : "hide all marquers of this map" changed in "hide all mvt marquers of this map" some bugs in scenarios fixed new activated/reaction/completed markers, allow the player to see the block under the marker.

V1.04 : bugs in movement trail, scenarios modified following update from Nuts. insurgent card added in Phantom Fury scenario

V1.05 : official scenario errata from Nuts publishing

V1.06 : internal module optimisation adding a "roof" action to the block, so it's not necessary to take a roof token (save time when playing) adding some other tokens to help in creating scenario

V1.07 : show active, reaction and complete state, even if masked

V1.08 : Short scenarios added, created by S de Peyret for teaching beginners, and also play quick games (some text updated on 16/03/21)

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