Module:Valor and Victory

From Vassal
Publisher Web Era WWII
Year 2007 Topic Western Front
Players 2 to 2 Scale Tactical
Length Short

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
Valor_Victory_2-0.vmod Module 32.33 MB 2023-10-17 3.7.3+ Alecrespi (Other modules by Alecrespi)
Valor&Victory112.vmod Module 11.17 MB 2015-01-28 unknown Joeyeti, DaveyJJ,Barthheart, randyshipp
V&VCommunity.vmdx Extension 22.58 MB 2015-01-28 unknown Joeyeti, DaveyJJ,Barthheart, randyshipp
Valor&Victory102.vmod Module 22.4 MB 2011-09-06 unknown Joeyeti, DaveyJJ,Barthheart, randyshipp
V&VCommunity.vmdx Extension 22.58 MB 2011-09-06 unknown Joeyeti, DaveyJJ,Barthheart, randyshipp
Valor&Victory100.vmod Module 21.33 MB unknown unknown Joeyeti, DaveyJJ,Barthheart, randyshipp
V&V - Community.vmdx Extension 7.31 MB unknown unknown Joeyeti, DaveyJJ,Barthheart, randyshipp
Valor&Victory098.vmod Module 11.18 MB unknown unknown Joeyeti, DaveyJJ,Barthheart, randyshipp
V&V - Community.vmdx Extension 7.31 MB unknown unknown Joeyeti, DaveyJJ,Barthheart, randyshipp


WWII tactical squad combat by Barry Doyle (by permission)

More information and community reviews on Board Game Geek

Change Log

Version 2.0

  • Vassal 3.7.2+ compatibility
  • removed unused images
  • reduced PNG file size
  • updated / refreshed toolbar icons
  • reworked markers / counters pool display
  • reworked charts window
  • integrated the contents of the extension inside the main module

Version 1.12 Updates

  • Leader stats corrected
    • as per the latest rules (Standard Game Rules form July 2013)
  • Added fan-created maps
    • thus the current count is Map 1-50 + B1 + B2 + Crossroads + P1 Ocean + Putot-en-Bessin)
  • added a Canal hex overlay
    • you are able to "adjust" the terrain if needed (as in Scenario H2, where the canal extends two more hexes, going off-map)
  • added Group XX markers
    • to be able to identify groups by numbers on the map (again, Scenario H2 has 3 German groups appearing on consecutive Turns in randomized order during the scenario)
  • added a simple Turn counter
    • you can use it to advance turns between the players. It requires setup prior usage, as all nationalities are selected as present in the game by default. Simply right-click on it to set it up (the third option with two more clicks to the right), deselect unused nationalities and set the starting nationality. Then use the arrows to move forard the turns alternating between the nationalities.
  • added a "Scenario" window
    • has the list and abbreviated details of all available official and fan-created scenarios, which should work coupled with the prepared Savegames
    • the Savegames are a planned feature already being worked on, made as a separate Module Extension due to amount of work required
  • increased the counter spread
  • adjusted the mouse-over Stack viewer
    • includes counter names, map sheet ID and Hex number
  • added Grid numbering
  • added Movement Trail to counters
  • fiddled with Report Action
    • textually logs what the counters do (i.e. reduction, movement, fire, assault move etc.)
  • corrected the definition of the Smoke markers
  • changed the previously too big "Splash.gif" image
  • altered the way the in-game statuses are displayed on counters
    • (Move, Fire...), now they show as Labels to remove unnecessary stack cluttering
  • changed the "Remove" shortcut for Status markers
    • now CTRL-X, so that it does not collide with the "Reduce" shortcut for squads
  • die roll results now show the total result and the format changed
    • plus the "VA" and "LOR" text is shown for each "1" rolled in a die roll, so that when you roll 1+1, you are reminded of a "Valor" roll requirement for Infantry
    • example: *** 6 *** (2d6 roll: 5 [.LOR] 1)
    • example: *** 3 *** (1d6)
    • example: *** 2 *** (2d6 roll: 1 [VALOR] 1)
  • Added a 20% zoom level
  • Added CTRL_Numpad+ and CTRL_Numpad- as zoom shortcuts
  • Added a "Reset Unit Status" button
    • resets the status of all units on the map ("Fired", "Moved" etc.), retaining any Valor and/or Pinned/Immobilized status
  • Added the Terrain Chart to the "Charts" section
  • Adjusted the existing charts to the latest ruleset
  • Added "XYZ removed from board..." notification after a unit/weapon is deleted
    • unfortunately it does not list the location/hex from which the unit/weapon was deleted (because the delete happens first and afterwards the counter has no "location/hex" state anymore)
  • Added separate "Smoke +1" counters
  • added CP markers into their own "Casualty points" list under "Markers"
  • removed the Turn Marker as obsolete
  • set the LOS thread to snap to center dots on both ends
  • changed the default "MOV" picture to a more appropriate graphic
    • for "Remove movement trail"
  • Reordered the counters in all the tabs in the "Armies" window
    • they are now sorted alphabetically, with Leaders also sorted by their bonus first (this also applies for the Extension armies)
    • this was also done in the Extension and is one of the few changes in the Extension file itself

Version 1.02 Updates

Fixes in module

  • fixed spelling error in tab of AP Combat
  • fixed spelling error on Russian rifle squad

Fixes in extension

  • moved all community-made counters (brew up, fire, pinned) to Community Markers tab and not in official module
  • renamed Community Markers to Unofficial Markers
  • alphabetized the counters in the Unofficial Markers panel

New in module

  • changed modules icons for Charts, Terrain, Hide/Show Pieces, Overview, LOS, screenshot and zoom(s)
  • added official amphibious landing template/map (non-rotatable)
  • added official new Close Combat table from Captains Edition 2.0 ruleset

New in extension

  • added Armies tabs for Commonwealth and Polish units
  • added community-created counters and units including:
    • Polish infantry, support weapons, leaders, AFVs
    • Ghurka infantry (under Commonwealth tab)
    • Canadian infantry, sniper and leaders (under Commonwealth tab)
    • British 8th Army infantry and leaders
    • Italian Bersaglieri infantry, sniper and leaders
    • British vehicles Humber Mk.I, Humber Mk.II and Bren Carrier
    • Gun crews for US, Germany, British and USSR
    • US vehicle M8 Greyhound and M26 Pershing
    • German Pzkfz II
    • Flamethrower counters for US, British and German units
    • US landing craft
    • Generic turret marker
    • Generic floor level markers
    • Generic wreck marker

Make sure to have the extension module in the same directory as the official V&V module to have access to all of the unofficial community-created stuff.

Version 1.00 Updates

New in module

  • Added official Waffen SS units
  • Added official Fallschirmjager units
  • Added official US Marine units
  • Added official US Paratrooper units
  • Added official Pacific maps 20, 21, and 22

New in extension

  • Added 29th Infantry Div. units (thanks Charles!)
  • Added Japanese AFVs, vehicles, guns and support weapons (thanks Kashirigi!)

Fixes to module

  • Corrected scale of official maps 14 and 15

Fixes to extension

  • Corrected scale of Putot-en-bessin and Crossroads maps
  • Corrected ownership of CWT30 vehicle to belong to Russians

Version 0.98 updates

  • missing British grenade counter now added
  • added maps 14 and 15 (North Africa theatre)
  • added new Japanese units (infantry, sniper, leaders and support weapons)

Extension adds:

  • Italian units
  • French units
  • Community-contributed markers
  • Community-contributed maps

Screen Shots


  • ZoSo
  • Gorgoneion
  • Joeyeti
  • Barthheart
  • DaveyJJ
  • Sagrilarus
  • randyshipp
  • SLFanatic
  • mskgoss1963
  • destroyer1963
  • Craig104