Module:Versailles 1919

From Vassal
Publisher GMT Games Era WWI
Year 2020 Topic Politics
Players 1 to 4 Scale Abstract


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Versailles1919-Final.vmod module 40.5 MB 2016-02-20 3.4.0

Module Information

Maintainer Francisco Colmenares


Version 3.0

The reason the current version is 3.0 and not 1.0 is that the Alpha version of the module was 1.0 and it changed considerably into Beta (2.0), the release version also made significant changes to UI layout. Therefore I thought it appropriate to start with v3.0

Summary of Toolbar Menu (from left to right):

  • 1. Undo Last Move (standard VASSAL function)
  • 2. Forward through Log file (standard VASSAL function)
  • 3. Servers (standard VASSAL function)
  • 4. Change Player Side (standard VASSAL function)
  • 5. Choose Game Length: will open a sub-menu with 4 available options: Regular (20 cards left out), Extra (15 cards left out), Long (10 cards left out), Longest (5 cards left out)
  • 6. Choose Number of Players: will open a sub-menu with 4 available options: 4 player, 3 player, 2 players, 1 player.
  • 7. Standard 1D6
  • 8. Game Pieces Window (regular game markers, disks and cubes are stored here when not in use)
  • 9. Discard Pile Viewer: will show the top 4 cards in the discard pile, you can select via right click to send cards to the waiting from.
  • 10. Strategy Tokens Window: infinite supply of strategy token markers to place on controlled issues when appropriate
  • 11. Reference Charts: brings up the game's charts.
  • 12. Strength Window: For Solitaire play it counts the strength of the American, British and French factions.


To begin a game you must do TWO things in the correct order:

  • Choose the game length first (via the toolbar button).
  • Choose the number of players (via the toolbar button).

Powderkeg and Unrest Markers

These markers are fixed on the gameboard and can't be moved by the player in a conventional manner. Both markers have right click menus to increase or decrease their value along the track. The markers also respond to hotkeys (numbers 1 thru 8 for unrest and 0 to 3 for powderkegs. Powderkegs will push unrest markers forward automatically if they occupy their slot. Disks also impact unrest markers, any unrest markers that occupy the same or higher numbered slot as a military disc will get pushed left automatically (right click menus and hot keys will be accordingly restricted).

Generally speaking you can drag and drop any other piece on the table, but there are lots of right click menus implemented throughout the board to ease play. If there's any issue feel free to report at my email, on CSW or on BGG.

Screenshots and an extensive manual on the various game functions are still pending.

Screen Shots


  • Francisco Colmenares