From Vassal
Publisher GMT Games Era Napoleonic
Year 2005 Topic Napoleonic Wars
Players 2 to 4 Scale Strategic
Length Medium Series Napoleonic War Series

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
Wellington_v3.12.vmod Module 27.85 MB 2023-03-15 3.6.14 Michael Arrighi Mark Benson
Wellington_v3.11.vmod Module 27.85 MB 2021-03-02 3.2.17 Michael Arrighi Mark Benson
Wellington_v3.1.vmod Module 27.63 MB 2017-01-11 3.2.16 Michael Arrighi
Wellington_v3.1_Vassal_Reference.pdf Help File 1.08 MB 2017-01-11 Michael Arrighi
Wellington_v3.vmod Module 24.97 MB 2016-08-17 3.2.16 Michael Arrighi
Wellington_v3_Vassal_Reference.pdf Help File 877 KB 2016-08-17 Michael Arrighi
wellington-2.0.vmod Module 4.29 MB unknown unknown unknown rickbill, meng
wll.vmod Module 4.56 MB unknown unknown unknown rickbill, meng


Version 3.12 changes from Version 3.11.

Bug fix: Preemption marker retains status when a game is saved and then loaded. An internal error reset the in-hand card count to zero, which resulted in preemption indicator reading 'no preemption,' when a game was saved then loaded.

Version 3.11 changes from Version 3.1.

Bug fix: Correction to image file name for Event marker #86 (The Eagles Come South).

Version 3.1 changes from Version 3.0.

Number of cards in each player's hand added to the Map under the Impulse Marker. As in version 3.0, the number of Keys held and resources on the HQ are also reported.

Preemption Marker automatically points the Power with the largest total, ie has preempt. Of course, preemption is not allowed during the first round of 1812 and the preemption marker will remain at "No Preemption" until 1 Round (4 Impulses) are completed in 1812 using the "NEXT" command on the Impulse Marker.

Leader counter reports the total strength of all combat units and leaders in that leader's section on the HQ card.

Casualty Display has added a dynamic indicator of the current victor and rout status (3 or more casualties inflicted than received).

Resource Markers are counted for a Power when on the HQ card. A toolbar button on the HQ will add a Resource Marker to the HQ card or the player may drag and drop it from the Marker Pool. Individual Resource Markers have menu item to Use it to draw a card, send it to another Power's HQ card and delete if. The card is automatically placed into the Power's hand when a Resource Marker on the Power's HQ card has the menu item "Use Resource to Draw a Card" is selected. The card is added to the Power's Hand and the Resource Marker is moved to the map, above the Active Card area, as an indicator.

Cards are automatically revealed on the map only when played for the event or CPs.

Movement trails are not longer used; only CU and Leaders had movement trails in version 3.0.

Updated module reference and help file.

Corrections to text.

Version 3.0 is a complete remake with all new graphics similar to the original game.

Important: A card is revealed, flipped face up, when moved onto the main map. A separate window, Card Mat, is available to place cards face down, unrevealed.

Important: Resources are automatically tracked only when using the “Gain Resource” and “Resource Expenditure” menu items on the player’s HQ card.

Important: Cards may be randomly given to other players using the menu items in the player’s Hard; alternatively, one may use the “Card Mat” as a neutral area to exchange cards. The Hand has two menu items that affect cards from the COMMON deck, “Give 1 Random Card” and “Discard 1 Random Card;” these two menu items do not affect the player’s home cards held in Hand.

Important: The Die Roller reports results sorted by number order, that is, all rolls of 1, then 2, then 3 etc. This is not related to the randomness of the die roller. The die roller is calls the Vassal Engine random number generator.

The reference document (PDF) explains and shows many of the functions and capabilities of version 3.0; please, first refer to this document is you have any questions.

Version 1.0 is the initial release.

Thanks to the playtesters; Kevin Ankoviak, Brett Dedrick, Buck Lee, and Eric Miller.

Thanks to Darren Kilfara for creating the excellent Cyberboard Gamebox from which this module was converted.

Thanks to GMT Games LLC for giving me the ok to post the module.

Thanks to Mark McLaughlin for designing this fine game!!

If/when you find bugs, please [email].


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