Module:With It Or On It

From Vassal
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Publisher Hollandspiele Era Ancient
Year 2019 Topic Wargame
Players 2 to 2 Scale Tactical
Length 60 min Series Shields & Swords II Ancients


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With_It_Or_On_It.vmod module 1.83 MB 2019-09-20 3.2.17

Module Information

Maintainer Kian Vincent


The latest iteration of the 'Shields & Swords' system by Tom Russell.

Permission to upload kindly provided by Hollandspiele.

The module (finally) has a pair of windows which keep track of the Victory Points for each side, just by placing them in the right spot.

All the units are separated by type to allow for quick set-up and, where appropriate, allows for individual counters to be removed from the mix. The counters in each stack are now automatically shuffled as they are drawn, so unlike previous S&S modules, they do not need to be put in the Draw Cup first.

The Draw Cup is now required only for the blind drawing of the X & O counters in some scenarios. It has been modified over previous versions so that it does not show how many counters it contains, and the counters have a '?' side for maximum secrecy. The Report window does not register counters being moved there.

If you like to play with the counters coming from 'Edge 2' upside-down, the counters now have an 'Invert' command, so that you don't have to rotate them 4 times.

Please see the 'Quick Start' for further details.

As ever, my sincerest thanks to Mary and Tom for their support and feedback.

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