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Night Goblins Night Goblins are a branch of goblin well known for cave dwelling, Squig handling and cultivation of strange and unusual fungi. They prefer to operate at night, where there keen eyesight is of use. Following the events that have unfolded in Mordheim, several tribes of Night Goblins have ventured out from their hidden places to acquire the warpstone within, its power is greatly sought after by Night Goblin mages, and can be combined with their potions and brews to create powerful narcotics and magic to further their wicked ends. Visually, not all that different from their Goblin cousins, Night Goblins share the same low animal cunning and love for violence that has made the Goblins such a thorn in the Empire’s side.

Choice of Warriors: A Night Goblin warband must include a minimum of 3 models. You have 500 gold crowns, which you can use to recruit and equip your warband. The maximum number of warriors in the warband is 20.

• Big Boss: Each Night Goblin warband must have one Big Boss; no more, no less!

• Shaman: Your warband may include up to 1 Shaman

• Boss: Your warband may include up to 4 Bosses

• Night Goblin: Your warband may include any number of Night Goblins.

• Fanatics: Your warband may include up to 2 Fanatics.

• Cave Squig: Your warband may include up to 5 Cave Squigs. You may never have more Cave Squigs in your warband than you have Night Goblins.

• Troll: Your warband may include up to one Troll.

• Snotlings: Your warband may include up to 5 Snotlings.

• Nettas: Your warband may include up to 5 Nettas

Special Rules

• Animosity: Goblins spend much of their lives squabbling and fighting amongst themselves. Sometimes this will happen at the worst of times.

At the beginning of each Night Goblin turn roll a D6 for every Night Goblin subject to animosity. 

Use the Orc and Goblin animosity chart. Only Night Goblins are affected. Trolls, Squigs, Snotlings and other non-goblins are not affected and will act as normal.

• Hate Stunties: Night Goblins are subject to hatred towards Dwarfs. This only affects Night Goblins not any other greenskins. Fanatics are so out of their skull that they are not affected.

Starting Experience:

• A Big Boss starts with 17 experience.

• A Shaman starts with 10 experience.

• A Boss starts with 6 experience.

• Henchmen start with 0 experience.

Night Goblins Skill Tables

• Big Boss may choose from the Combat, Shooting, Strength, Speed or Special.

• Shaman may choose from the Shooting, Academic, Speed or Special.

• Boss’s may choose from the Combat, Shooting, Speed or Special.

Special Night Goblin Equipment:


20 gold crowns

Availability: Common, Night Goblin Big Boss or Bosses only

Some influential Goblins carry badges of office, usually taking the form of long wooden poles with an icon or sharp blade on the end. This allows the hero and any Goblin henchmen within 6" to ignore animosity. Additionally, the bosspole acts as a spear in close combat.

Squig Prodder

Availability: Common, 15 Gold Crowns

This item is a long pole with a trio of spikes on the end. It is used by Squig Herders to keep their herd in line. Cave Squigs will recognise a squig prodder and automatically give the bearer more respect, they have all been on its pointy end more than once! Therefore a goblin with a squig prodder can keep all Cave Squigs within 12” from going wild, instead of the normal 6”. Also the Prodder functions exactly like a spear in close combat.

Poison Daggers: 25 gc; Availability: Common (Fanatics only)

A pair of daggers which are coated in Death Cap mushroom juice. The coating is re-applied for free after every game. It is derived from the poisonous Death Cap mushrooms and has the same effect as Black Lotus.

Mad Cap Mushrooms; 25 gc; Availability: Common (all Night Goblins)

Mad Cap Mushrooms (see the rules in the Mordheim rulebook for more information on Mad Cap Mushrooms) are a necessity for someone wishing to wield a ball and chain (see below). Fortunately for Orc warbands, Mad Cap Mushrooms are cultivated by the Night Goblins of the Worlds Edge Mountains, and they are much more willing to trade these to other Goblins. Though normally a rare item in Mordheim, Mad Cap Mushrooms are a common item that cost 25 gold crowns for an Orc warband that includes one or more Goblins. A Goblin may take his mushrooms at the start of any turn.

Ball and Chain; 15 gc; Availability: Common (Fanatics only)

This is a huge iron ball with a chain attached, used by the dreaded Night Goblin Fanatics to deal out whirling death. Enormously heavy, it can only be used when combined with Mad Cap Mushrooms.

Range Strength Special Rules

Close Combat As User +2 Incredible Force, Random, Two-handed, Cumbersome, Unwieldy

Special Rules:

• Incredible Force: Because the Ball and Chain is so heavy, normal armor does very little to protect against it. No armor saves are allowed against wounds caused by a Ball and Chain. In addition, any hit from a Ball and Chain is very likely to take off someone’s head (or at least break some ribs!). Therefore, any hit that successfully wounds will do 1D3 wounds instead of 1.

• Random: The only way to wield a Ball and Chain is to swing it around in large circles, using your body as a counter-weight. Unfortunately this is not a very controllable fighting style, and as soon as he starts swinging his Ball and Chain, a warrior starts to lose control. The first turn he starts swinging the Ball and Chain, the model is moved 2D6" in a direction nominated by the controlling player. In his subsequent Movement phases, roll a D6 to determine what the model does:

D6 Result

1 The model trips and strangles himself with the chain. The model is taken Out Of Action. When rolling for Injury after the game, a roll of 1-3 means the model is out permanently, instead of the normal 1-2.

2-5 The model moves 2D6" in a direction nominated by the controlling player.

6 The model moves 2D6" in a random direction. If the player owns a Scatter dice (available from Games Workshop stores), roll that to determine direction. If not, then roll a D6: 1 – Straight Forward, 2-3 – Right, 4-5 – Left, 6 – Straight Back. If the Ball and Chain wielding model moves into contact with another model (friend or foe), he counts as charging into close combat, and will engage in close combat until his next Movement phase. Opponents wishing to attack a Ball and Chain wielding model suffer a To Hit penalty of -1, as they must dodge the whirling ball to get close enough to strike. The Ball and Chain wielder cannot be held in close combat and will automatically move even if he starts the Movement phase in base contact with another model. If the model moves into contact with a building, wall, or other obstruction, he is automatically taken Out Of Action. In addition, a ball and chain wielding Goblin is much too busy trying to control the spinning weapon to worry about what others are saying about him behind his back, so ignores the special rules for Animosity.

• Cumbersome: Because the Ball and Chain is so heavy, a model equipped with one may carry no other weapons or equipment. In addition, only a model under the influence of Mad Cap Mushrooms has the strength to wield a ball and chain.

• Unwieldy: The great weight of the Ball and Chain can easily tear ligaments or pull a wielder’s arms out of their sockets. While someone under the influence of Mad Cap Mushrooms will not notice such effects, when the drug wears off he will be in great pain. To represent this, at the end of the battle the controlling player must roll for Injury for each model that used a Ball and Chain, just as if the model had been taken Out Of Action. If the model was actually taken Out Of Action normally, just roll once for Injury – there is no need to make a second roll.


Availability: Common, 15 Gold Crowns

The Goblins of the Worlds Edge Mountains and the Black Mountains have made extensive use of Squigs, both for use in warfare, and (amongst the more unhinged goblins) as mounts, taking on the mantle of a Squig Hopper. Such individuals are seen as either brave, or unhinged by other goblins, and with good reason, Squigs are dangerous and unpredictable.

In the course of capturing and rearing such beasts, the Night Goblins have made great use of Nets, this allows the Squig to be bludgeoned into obedience with relative safety.

Nets function exactly as in the Mordheim Rulebook except rather than being one use, they are one use per game, since the Night Goblins keep them in great supply. (Hence the increased cost)

Big Club

Availability: common 10 gc

Night Goblins who specialise in the capture and retrieval of Squigs do so at extreme risk to themselves, a Squig is dangerous even on the ground, they therefore make use of a ‘Big Club’ to bludgeon the beast into submission first.

Range: Close Combat

Strength: As User +1

Special Rules: Counts as -1 initiative when using, Two Handed, Concussion

Fungus Brew Ingredients:

Availability: Common, 20 Gold Crowns

Night Goblins are famed for their use and cultivation of various toxic and powerful substances derived from the Fungi in their dark, dank caves. Most famous of which would be the Mad Cap Mushroom, but there are others, known only to the Night Goblin tribe from where they originate, their effects are potent, if sometimes unpredictable. Any night goblin hero who has bought a batch of Fungus Brew Ingredients may brew and drink it if he wishes before a game, it has the following effects.

Roll a D6

1- The Fungus brew is so powerful that it rages within the Night Goblin like the strongest dwarf ale, but its effects aren’t helpful for the goblin in question. For the duration of the battle he suffers from stupidity.

2- A murky blue liquid, it seems to swirl and churn even before it is let loose upon the goblins stomach. The blue liquid courses through the goblins veins and into his brain, making his thoughts faster, more alert. For the duration of this battle, count as having +2 Initiative

3- The Brew before the goblin froths and bubbles, a pale yellow colour, this concoction is capable of bestowing great bravery on the goblin who drinks it, for the duration of the battle, the goblin in question has +1 Leadership

4- A crystal clear fluid before the goblin suggests that the brew has failed, yet the goblin knows better than to doubt the power of the Brew. Choose +1 Ws or Bs for the duration of this battle

5- A Fiery red beverage has been created, the goblins eyes water at the very sight of the drink, one taste and he is compelled to down the lot! His insides rage with scarcely contained rage. For the duration of the next battle the goblin in question counts as having frenzy

6- The Beverage seems to be many different colours at once, fiery and red, yet at the same time cool and clear, with courage the goblin knocks back the wicked toxins, suddenly everything is clear, its so simple now! For the duration of the next battle, the goblin in question counts as having +1 Weapon Skill, Ballistic Skill and Attack

Night Goblins' Special Skills

• Ded Shooty: The clever little git adds +6" to the range of any missile weapons he uses (not including nets)

• Sneaky Git: The greenskin is so sneaky that he can move D3 of his warband members after all other deployment is complete. Night Goblin Big Boss only.

• Infiltrate: As Skaven skill.

• Netter: The goblin is adept at using a net to disable his enemies. They learn their skill hunting wild cave Squigs in the depths of the mountains. The technique he has mastered is 'chuck and charge'. The goblin may declare that he is making a net charge. He throws the net at a target in the same way as described in the Mordheim rulebook. If he hits and the target fails to escape the net then target counts as Knocked Down and the goblin completes his charge. If he misses or the target escapes then the goblin makes a failed charge. If the failed charge would take him into base contact then stop him 1" away. A warrior who is caught in a net will be automatically hit in combat. The goblin must still roll to wound just as with a Knocked Down enemy. In the warrior's next recovery phase, unless he is Stunned or Out Of Action he will cut himself out of the net but cannot do anything else and will go last in combat just as if he had stood up from being Knocked Down.


1 Big Boss; 45 gold crowns to hire

Like all greenskins Night Goblin society is ruled by the biggest and meanest of the tribe. Goblins have one advantage over their larger cousins - they are cunning too. To climb to the position of Big Boss the goblin must be sneaky and backstabbing as well as the biggest and best.


4 3 3 3 3 1 4 1 7

Weapons/Armor: A Big Boss may be equipped with weapons from the Night Goblin equipment list.

Special Rules:

• Leader: Any model in the warband within 6” of the Big Boss may use his Leadership instead of their own.

0-1 Shaman; 50 gold crowns to hire

Despite their smaller size Night Goblin Shamans are every bit as powerful as their Orc cousins. They can summon the power of the Waaagh generated by their fighting comrades and call on Gork and Mork for their supernatural assistance.


4 2 3 3 3 1 3 1 6

Weapons/Armor: A Shaman may be equipped with weapons from the Night Goblin equipment list.

Special Rules:

• Wizard: A Night Goblin Shaman is a wizard and uses Waaagh! Magic as listed in the Mordheim Annual 2002, also listed below.

0-4 Bosses; 25 gold crowns to hire

Goblin Bosses like to think that they are the best and toughest fighters in the tribe. Of course the Big Boss knows better but he has to watch his back when the other Bosses are around.


4 3 3 3 3 1 3 1 6

Weapons/Armor: A Boss may be equipped with weapons and armor from the Night Goblin equipment list.


0-5 Nettas: 25 Gold Crowns to hire

Only the bravest amongst the Night Goblins manage to become Nettas, and those that manage don’t often last long, working with squigs is dangerous at the best of times, but the skills they learn in their brief adventures suit them well when it comes to fighting.


4 2 3 3 3 1 3 1 5

Weapons/Armor: A Netta may be equipped with weapons from the Night Goblin list.

Night Goblin Netta’s start with a Net(as listed in the Night Goblin special Equipment section) or a Big Club for no extra points cost.

0+ Night Goblins; 15 gold crowns to hire

Individually Night Goblins are weak and cowardly but together they make a force to be reckoned with. Preferring to attack in large numbers they are adept at hit and run tactics and can take down foes much stronger than themselves.


4 2 3 3 3 1 3 1 5

Weapons/Armor: A Night Goblin may be equipped with weapons from the Night Goblin equipment list.

0-2 Fanatics; 20 gold crowns to hire

The caves where Night Goblins live are rich in various forms of fungi. The goblins are able to make use of these and even cultivate some of them. Best known are the Madcap mushrooms. These drive anyone who eats them into a frothing fighting frenzy. Some of the Night Goblins are deliberately fed large quantities of Madcap mushrooms to turn them into crazed killing machines. Often seen on open battlefields wielding a huge ball and chain they adopt slightly safer weapons in the narrow streets of Mordheim.


4 2 3 3 3 1 3 1 5

Weapons/Armor: A Fanatic may be equipped with weapons from the Fanatic equipment list.

Special Rules:

• Addict: The Fanatic is dependent on a regular supply of Madcap Mushrooms which must be bought each game. If he can't get any before a battle he will stay in his cave foaming at the mouth and not take part. If available he will eat his mushrooms before the battle.

• Mushroom Brain: Due to the effect of prolonged use of Madcap Mushrooms the Fanatic's brain is about useless. He cannot gain experience.

• Looney: Due to the effect of the Mushrooms he is subject to Frenzy. He must also test for permanent damage after the battle as described in the rulebook.

• Frantic: The Fanatic is hyperactive and will strike first in combat ignoring penalties or bonuses for weapons or initiative order.

0-5 Cave Squigs; 15 gold crowns to hire

Goblins raise the deadly Cave Squigs. These creatures are a curious blend of animal and fungus, and are composed mostly of teeth, horns, and a nasty temperament.


2D6 4 0 4 3 1 4 1 5

Weapons/Armor: Big gob and brutality! Cave Squigs never use or need weapons or armor.

Special Rules:

• Movement: Cave Squigs do not have a set Movement characteristic but move with an ungainly bouncing stride. To represent this, when moving Squigs, roll 2D6 for the distance they move. Squigs never run and never declare charges. Instead they are allowed to contact enemy models within their normal 2D6” movement. If this happens, they count as charging for the following round of close combat, just as if they had declared a charge.

• Minderz: Each Cave Squig must always remain within 6” of a Night Goblin, who keeps the creature in line. If a Cave Squig finds itself without a Goblin within 6” at the start of it’s Movement phase, it will go wild. From that point on, move the Squig 2D6” in a random direction during each of its movement phases. If it’s random movement takes it into contact with another model (friend or foe), it will engage the model in hand-to-hand combat as normal. The Cave Squig is out of the Night Goblin player’s control until the end of the game.

• Animals: Cave Squigs are animals of a sort and so do not gain experience.

0-1 Troll; 200 gold crowns to hire

Trolls are not intelligent enough to recognize the value of gold, but large amounts of food can often instill a certain loyalty in them.


6 3 1 5 4 3 1 3 4

Weapons/Armor: Trolls do not require weapons to fight but often carry a big club. In any event, Trolls can never be given weapons or armor.

Special Rules:

• Fear: Trolls are frightening monsters which cause Fear.

• Stupidity: A Troll is subject to the rules for stupidity.

• Regeneration: Trolls have a unique physiology that allows them to regenerate wounds. Whenever an enemy successfully inflicts a wound on a Troll roll a D6, on a result of 4 or more the wound is ignored and the Troll is unhurt. Trolls may not regenerate wounds caused by fire or fire-based magic. Trolls never roll for injury after a battle.

• Dumb Monsters: A Troll is far too stupid to ever learn any new skills. Trolls do not gain experience.

• Always Hungry: A Troll requires an upkeep cost. This upkeep represents the copious amounts of food that must be fed to the troll in order to keep him loyal to the warband. The warband must pay 15 gc after every game in order to keep the Troll. If the warband lacks the gold to pay the upkeep, the Big Boss has the option of sacrificing three Snotlings or two Cave Squigs to the Troll in lieu of buying food (Trolls eat nearly anything). If this fee is not paid (either in gold or warband members) the Troll gets hungry and wanders off in search of food.

• Vomit Attack: Instead of his normal attacks, a Troll can regurgitate it’s highly corrosive digestive juices on an unfortunate hand-to-hand combat opponent. This is a single attack that automatically hits with a Strength of 5 and ignores armor saves.

0-1 Snotling Mob (consists of 5 Snotlings); 50 gold crowns to hire (10 gc per Snotling to replace)

Wherever there are greenskins you will find Snotlings. Any Goblin warband will attract a number of them. Snotlings perform the same function for Goblins as Goblins serve for Orcs. They provide someone smaller to slap around.


4 2 2 2 2 1 3 1 4

Weapons/Armor: Snotlings may only ever use a pointy stick, which they will find for themselves at no cost. This counts as a dagger and gives the enemy a +1 to his armor save or a 6+ save if he had none.

Special Rules:

• Mob: Snotlings are naturally gregarious creatures. They are initially bought in a mob of 5. You may replace mob members up to the maximum of 5. They will always move and fight as a mob. All members must stay within 1" <or 1/2"?> and all will join in the same combat if possible.

• Weedy: Snotlings are not the most robust of creatures. If wounded they will be Knocked Down on a 1, Stunned on a 2-3 and go Out Of Action on a 4-6.

• Dodgy: The little creatures are constantly ducking and diving in the most infuriating way. They get a 6+ dodge save against shooting.

• Insignificant: Nobody cares about the Snotlings. The whole mob counts as a single model for the purposes of rout tests, maximum warband size and calculating income. An enemy hero will only gain experience for taking the last Snotling Out Of Action.

Waaagh! Magic

Waaagh! spells are used by Orc Shamans. They are rituals of a sort, howling prayers to the boisterous Orc gods Gork and Mork.

1. Led’z go: The Shaman’s howling invigorates the ladz to fight even harder for Gork and Mork. Any Orc or Goblin within 4" of the Shaman will automatically strike first in hand-to-hand combat regardless of other circumstances. The spell only lasts until the caster is Knocked Down, Stunned or taken Out Of Action. Difficulty: 9

2. Oi! Gerroff!: A huge, green ectoplasmic hand pushes an enemy away. Range 8". Moves any enemy model within range D6" directly away from the Shaman. If the target collides with another model or a building, both suffer 1 S3 hit. Note: Very handy for dropping people from high buildings with. May not be cast on models in hand-to-hand combat. Difficulty: 7

3. Zzap!: A crackling green bolt of WAAAGH! energy erupts from the Shaman’s forehead to strike the skull of the closest foe. This energy easily overloads the brain of a weak-willed opponent. Range 12". Causes D3 S4 hits on the closest enemy target, with no armor saves allowed. Difficulty: 9

4. Fooled Ya!: The Shaman disappears in a green mist, confusing his enemies. No enemy may charge the Shaman during their next turn. If the Shaman is engaged in hand-to-hand combat he may immediately move 4" away. Difficulty: 6

5. Clubba: A huge, green club appears in the hand of the Shaman. The ectoplasmic club counts as a normal club with +2 Strength bonus and gives the Shaman +1 attack as well. This spell lasts until the Shaman suffers a wound. Difficulty: 7

6. Fire of Gork: Twin bolts of green flame shoot from the Shaman’s nose to strike the nearest enemy model. Range 12". Each of the two bolts causes D3 S3 hits; the bolts can either be fired both at the closest enemy target or split between the two closest enemy targets. Difficulty: 8

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