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Turntracker is a configurable, multi-level game turn tracking component. It provides both simple counters and arbitrary lists of turn elements. Turn elements can be configured on and off within a game to change between Basic and Advanced turn sequences.

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A Turntracker is defined as a series of levels. Each level may be either a Counter or a List. Levels may be defined sequentially or as sub-levels within another level.

Each press of the Advance button increments the lowest sublevel of the currently active level. If that level overflows (A counter loops, or a list reaches the end), the next level up is incremented and so on up the chain.

When levels are defined sequentially, exhausting a sub-level causes the next sub-level to activate. When all sub-levels at a given level are exhausted, then the next level up is incremented.

Sub-levels and Sequential levels can be intermixed to create turn counters of arbitrary complexity.

The current value of each level is available to counters as Global Properties.

Global Key Commands can be attached to the Turn Tracker that will fire off when particular turns are reached.

Players can configure various options of the Turntracker during a game by right-clicking on the tracker.



File:Turntracker.zip the TurnTracker package.


See Installation section of Turn Tracker Reference Manual

Demonstration Module

Download a demonstration module with TurnTracker installed.


Turn Tracker Reference Manual

Version History

Version 1.8 - 30-May-06

  • Turn level values available as Global Properties.
  • Turn Tracker can generate Global Key Commands.
  • Length of tracker display can be fixed.
  • Added tooltip for display.

Version 1.0 - 20-Jun-05

  • Initial release.


Known Bugs

  • If all elements in a list are configured to be turned off, the last element in the list still displays, instead of the entire level not displaying.

Still to come


[RFE 1226674]

Status: Released