VASSAL Reference Manual


A Game Piece with this trait will have a command that causes the piece to be removed from any player selection (currently selected pieces, drag-selection, drag-and-drop grouping, etc.)


A short description of this trait for your own reference.

Menu Command:

Menu text for the Deselect command for the right-click context menu. If left blank then no menu item will be displayed but the Key Command can still be used.

Key command:

Keystroke or Named Command that will cause the piece to become deselected.

Remove piece from stack:

If checked, then when this trait is activated the piece will also be removed from any Stack it is a part of. This can be useful in games that involve "dropping off and picking up" units from armies, because a Place Marker trait will normally add the new marker to the current stack.

Deselection type:

Choose whether you wish to deselect this piece, deselect all pieces, or select only this piece.

Deselect Deselect this piece without removing it from its Stack when the Deselect menu command is selected, on receipt of the Ctrl+K Keystroke Command.