VASSAL Reference Manual

Play Sound

This trait allows you to specify a command that plays an audible sound.


A brief description for your own reference.

Menu command:

The name of the menu item in the right-click context menu. If left blank, no context menu item will appear, but the sound can still be played by sending the Key Command.

Key command:

The Keystroke or Named Command which will cause the sound to be played.

Sound Clip:

Select a file in .au, .aiff, .wav or .mp3 format to add it to the module. The sound file specified in this field will be played when the menu item or Key Command is invoked. You can select a specific Sound file using the Select button, or you can load multiple sound files into your module and use an Expression to define the name of the sound file at the time the play command is invoked.

Send sound to other players?

If selected, then the Command to play the sound will be echoed to other players when playing live or reading from a logfile. Otherwise, the sound is only audible to the player who invoked the command.

Override suppression by Global Key Commands:

If selected, then the command to play the sound will be processed even during the processing of a Global Key Command with the Suppress sounds option selected.