VASSAL Reference Manual


This trait attaches an editable table of data to a Game Piece. Specify the number of rows and columns in the table, a key command to open the table, and name of the item in the right-click context menu.

To initialize the values in the table, select the piece in the Game Piece Palette (or the properties window for the piece), open the spreadsheet with the key command or context menu and enter the starting values.

As of the present version of Vassal, the values in the spreadsheet are not exposed as properties that can be accessed by other traits.

A short description of this trait for your own reference.

Menu command:

Text for a right-click context menu item that will open the spreadsheet window.

Key command:

The Keystroke or Named Command to open the spreadsheet.

Number of rows:

The number of rows of data in the spreadsheet.

Number of columns:

The number of columns of data in the spreadsheet.