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Translatable Message

A Translatable Message trait marks a game piece permanently as always having a particular translatable Property. Unlike many other types of Properties that can be configured on and by pieces (e.g., Dynamic Properties), a Marker’s value cannot change during play. In other words, it is like a constant rather than a variable in programming. The difference between a Translatable Message and a Marker trait is that a Translatable Message’s value is designed to be used to display text that may be translated into different languages (example: card text).

Markers can be referenced in Message Formats, and in Expressions used to create display text. Although they work much like other properties, it is NOT recommended to use them in expressions and traits that change the game state (because they will hold different values when the module is run in English from when it is run in, e.g., Spanish).

The text of the message can be translated using the standard VASSAL translation tools.

Optional short description of the trait or message. Has no effect during gameplay, just exists as a "comment" for organizing the module.

Property name:

The name of the property. This is how the property can be referenced in Expressions and Message Formats.


The translatable message contained in this trait. This message will remain constant for this piece throughout play, but other pieces could have a Translatable Message of the same property name but with a different message.