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Prototype (Trait)


The Prototype trait allows a piece to share a set of common traits with other pieces. The traits themselves are defined elsewhere in a Prototype Definition in the [Global Piece Prototype Definitions] section of your module. A Game Piece may contain any number of Prototype traits, intermixed with regular traits, in any order.

EXAMPLE: A Prototype named Vehicle can be defined with Can Rotate, Text Label, and Mark When Moved traits. Any counter can use these traits by using a Prototype trait and specifying Vehicle as the name. If the module author later decides that vehicles should also have another trait, it only needs to be added to the Prototype definition, and all game pieces with a Prototype - Vehicle trait will automatically gain the new trait. Similary, modifying or deleting a trait from a Prototype will change or remove that trait for all pieces that reference the Prototype.

Prototype Name:

Type the name of your prototype here - the name you gave it to its prototype definition. Alternatively you can click the Select button to pick the prototype from the list of all the ones you have created.


The Select button allows you to select one of the prototypes you have defined in the module. If your prototypes have been organized into folders, the folders will appear as submenus.