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Camelot is an italian company founded in 1991 that evolved in 1996 from a single shop into a national distribution company that import, export and produce boardgame, wargames, family games and historical miniatures. During its life, many well known italian names worked with Camelot learning how to professionally move themselves in this world as Marco Gnagnetti or Giovanni Garuti and many of our 1/100 models, and we are proud of this, were and are used by other companies as a guideline for their new products like for the italian tank M13/40 that was the first model in the world to be realized with the original sloped roof turret or the CV L3/35 support tankettes that, produced by camelot in 2005 are now also produced by FoW.

At this time our products are part of three series:

• Schützengruppe - Our WWII Wargame rulesbook. Base manual covers the Blitzkrieg years (1943/40) including divisional ToEs for the fighting armies while the expansion sets, covers 1941 (Barbarossa), 1942 (Ni shagu nazad!) and 1943 (Turning the tide)

• H20 - Our naval serie. Playing on resin hexes with 1/1200 scale ships, players can use Hearts of Oak for napoleonic and Oars & Chains for the mediterranean galleys combat.

• We are now preoducing for the new itlaian company LudoLab, the SB (Small battles) serie. The first two games are the napoleonic battle of Montenotte (NSB) and Garibaldi at Como: San Fermo (RSB).

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