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The Last Full Measure (LFM) series are games of American Civil War battles at a tactical-brigade level.


Unless stated otherwise in a game; a hex on the game map equals 250 yards of real terrain; and the vertical scale is 40 feet between contours.
Each game turn represents 1 hour; each night turn being 4-5 hours.
Infantry and cavalry strength-points are 100 men and the counters represent regiments.
One Artillery strength point is 2 guns (a section), the counters represent batteries.

The series is based on the Intermediate rules of Avalon Hill's 1977 edition of Gettysburg. The base combat system is the same, but new systems were added for ranged artillery fire, cavalry charges, command, line-of-sight, and representing brigades with regiments without being a "regimental scale" game system.

The designer is Gerald Todd and the games of the series are offered free as print-and-play games for "analog" play; and as ZunTzu and Vassal modules for "digital" play, at the Uhlan Games web site.