Double-Blind Tutorial

From Vassal

In this tutorial, we will go through the steps for making a module that allows for double-blind play, in which a referee determines what each of the two players will see on their map. The data for this file is in the file.

Defining the Sides

Our module will take two players: a referee, a US player, and a Japanese player. In the Configuration Window, double-click on the node named "[Definition of Player Sides]." Enter "Referee," "USA," and "IJN" into the properties window and hit "Ok."


Private Windows

The key to a double-blind game are Private Windows, which can be configured to only appear to certain players. We will make two Private Windows: one for the USA player and one for the IJN. Each player will see only his own map and the Referee will see both. Right-click on the "[Module]" node and select "Add Private Window." For "Belongs to side" enter "Referee" and "USA," and name the map "USA Map." Expand the "USA Map" node, right-click on "Map Boards" and select "Add Board." Hit the "Select" button and pick BlindTopMap.gif. Then right-click on the "[Module]" node again and add another Private Window. For "Belongs to side" enter "Referee" and "IJN." For "Use same boards as this map" enter "USA Map," and name the map "IJN Map."

File:UsaMap.gif File:IjnMap.gif

The Pieces

For counters, we'll use a pair of simple pieces that can be made invisible. Right-cick on the "[Game Piece Palette]" node and select "Add Panel." Right-click on the "[Panel]" node and select "Add Single Piece." Hit "Properties" and select "ALLIED_CF.gif" for the image. Also add the "Can be Invisible" trait. Clone this piece and use "AXIS_CVL.gif" for the image.

During Play

When loading a game or starting a new game, the user will be prompted for which side he wants to play. Once a side is taken, no other player may take that side until the original player hits the "Retire" button in the controls window. During play, when the USA player places a counter on the map, the refereee should place a corresponding invisible counter in the IJN map, and vice versa. As the USA player moves his counters, the referee should move the corresponding counters on the IJN map. At the appropriate time, the referee can reveal USA counters on the IJN map, or hide them again. The two players will see only their own map, with only those opposing counters that the referee has revealed.

Maps as seen by Referee player

File:UsaMapWindow.gif File:IjnMapWindow.gif

IJN map as seen by IJN playerFile:IjnMapIjn.gif

USA map as seen by USA playerFile:UsaMapUsa.gif