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Licensing and Intellectual Property FAQ

Disclaimer: Nothing here should be taken as legal advice.

Can I build a module for game XYZ?

The artwork and text of a game fall under copyright protection. The copyright owner has the right to restrict distribution of the artwork/text, including posting on the internet. The web site owners do not verify whether or not uploaded modules contain copyrighted materials. However, if the owner of copyrighted material makes a request, we will remove a module from the web site.

What if I don't use scanned artwork?

Doesn't matter. How you produce the artwork is not relevant, only that it is made to resemble the original work.

What if the game is out of print?

Doesn't matter. Copyright owners still have rights over their material even if they are not distributing it at the time.

Can I make my own software program based on VASSAL?

The VASSAL distribution has two components with different licenses.

The Vengine.jar file contains the LGPL code hosted on the SourceForge site. You are free to modify and redistribute this code. The LGPL stipulates that you release modifications to the code under LGPL, but any components that you distribute alongside it are not restricted.

The VASSAL.jar file, which is present only in versions of VASSAL prior to 3.0, is proprietary and may not be redistributed without written authorization. This component contains software that enables a module to require password registration before it can be played. If you are interested in using this to create a commercial application based on a VASSAL module, contact Rodney Kinney.