Module:1914: Nach Paris

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1914 Nach Paris.jpg
Publisher VUCA Simulations Era WWI
Year 2022 Topic Western Front
Players 1 to 10 Scale Operational
Length 60

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
1914_Nach_Paris_1_5.vmod module 193.05 MB 2023-09-13 3.7.0 Nicolas Blanchart
1914_Nach_Paris_1_4.vmod module 192.76 MB 2022-12-03 3.6.8 Nicolas Blanchart
1914_Nach_Paris_1_3.vmod module 191.36 MB 2022-11-12 3.6.7 Nicolas Blanchart
1914_Nach_Paris_1_2.vmod module 192.42 MB 2022-11-08 3.6.7 Nicolas Blanchart
1914_Nach_Paris_1_1.vmod module 192.5 MB 2022-11-02 3.6.7 Nicolas Blanchart

Change Log

Version 1.5

  • Module converted to Vassal 3.7 - it will not work on 3.6.xx or older versions anymore.
  • Mouse over stack viewer shows the terrain below
  • Little bit more separation between stacked units as there are way less markers since 1.4
  • Indoctrinated units adapted to july 23 rulebook
  • Optional OOBs features added with highlight and inventories
  • Minor setups corrections

Version 1.4

  • New feature: most markers are now layers around the counters to speed up gameplay. Barrage on top, movement on the right, step losses on the left. LLC and OOC are shown on the left side of the counter.
  • There is a new command menu to manually lower step loss to correct mistakes (CTRL-O)
  • Main menu reorganized
  • Fine tuning of various zoom levels
  • Convoy and transit capacity don't stack anymore
  • 2 missing units added to setups

Version 1.3

  • New feature: VP markers and VPs calculations (see module read me)
  • New feature: FoW integrated in the counters (see module read me)
  • Added ability to drop rail control markers from infantry and cavalry
  • Charts & Tables is now a tabbed pannel
  • Deadpool is now a player hand, meaning dead units are placed side by side and not stacked
  • Longwy fort added to the campaign setup

Version 1.2

  • Spelling of some markers names fixed
  • Corrected position of Antwerp forts in the campaign
  • Fortifications player aid 2 added
  • Siege artillery correctly placed on their movement side in every setup
  • Facing of destroyed structures to the top in every setup
  • Small corrections to units counters (incorrect layers,...)
  • Transit and convoy markers have the same presentation as the other counters
  • Convoy markers can rotate
  • Ability to clone most markers
  • Rail control and destroyed structures markers can be normally selected (they still don't stack)
  • Parent unit of split units now appears () in their name
  • CTRL-T works as intended to toggle movement trail for a unit
  • Options to toggle movement trails on or off for every unit in the menu
  • Options to highlight German units withdrawing to the eastern front in the menu
  • Command added in the markers removal menu to remove transit and convoy limits
  • HAR have the shortcut to build fieldworks now
  • Scaling of units lowered a bit in the game pieces menu and the stack viewer
  • Turn track more zoomed out by default

Version 1.1 - initial upload


Please read the Module Read Me in the Help section to know how to setup the game and use the Clean Markers functionality.

Screen Shots


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