Module:A Study in Emerald

From Vassal
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Publisher Treefrog Games Era Industrial
Year 2013 Topic Horror
Players 2 to 5 Scale Tactical
Length 90+ mins


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
A Study in Emerald 1.0.vmod Module 28.74 MB 2015-03-09 3.1.15
1.0 Banderaespanamini.gif
AStudyinEmerald01.ES.vmod Module 14.91 MB 2016-02-23 3.2.15 Yuyu Yuyu

Module Information

Maintainer Rhys Hopkins


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Version 1.0 - Not a whole lot of automation. Set the game up using the buttons on the decks window. Use the spaces to the left of the board for Permanent Effect Cards.

Possible bugs or lack of functionality: 1. Cannot swap Double Agent tokens secretly (i.e. using Irene Adler without everyone at the table seeing what has been taken) 2. The only two spaces for Perm. Effect cards hide / displace (who knows where) the cards when cubes are placed there.

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