Module:Advanced Pacific Theater of Operations

From Vassal
Publisher Decision Era WWII
Year 2009 Topic Pacific War
Players 2 Scale Operational
Length 6000

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
WWII-PTO_DGv2.vmod 75.43 MB 2022-12-01 3.6.7 Mark Hodgkinson
2022 ATPO.pdf 3.02 MB 2022-12-01 3.6.7 Mark Hodgkinson
AAR_TEST_.pdf "AAR_TEST_.pdf" does not exist 2022-12-01 3.6.7 Mark Hodgkinson

Change Log


The Vassal Mod was built by making the units and then adding them to the unit try. The OOB holds the reinforcement schedule. Scenarios for 1937 ,Banzai and Guadalcanal are given. Where I missed making units (only 2 or 3) I used the same class as a replacement. Taskforce Trays are given as are Force Pool Trays. Use Standby, Active markers for Committed markers. Cleary the alternative nature of moves and Offensives does not lend itself to email play but the module is suited for solo and real time play.

email me for rationalised rules and a AAR.

The Rule book for PTO was also used for structure. While the very good design work by EH on APTO included an increase in game functions over PTO, I found them a bit scripted on how WWII actually occurred. In the simplified Special Rules, I have tried to make this less scripted and more of a challenge to the role of Joint Chiefs played by the player with issues arising from above and below the command level. It allowed me to simplify the rules.

Page numbers have gone from, 60 in PTO to 152 in APTO to 70 now here in this fan development.

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