Module:Against the Reich

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Publisher West End Games Era WWII
Year 1986 Topic Western Front
Players 2 to 2 Scale Operational
Length 240 min


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Against the Reich_v1.4.vmod module 50.18 MB 2023-11-28 3.7.5
Against the Reich_v1.2.vmod module 50.15 MB 2023-07-07 3.6.19
Against the Reich_v1.1.vmod module 50.17 MB 2023-07-03 3.6.19
Against the Reich_v1.vmod module 46.07 MB 2021-06-04 3.5

Module Information

Maintainer Michael A


BoardGameGeek Link Against the Reich Invasion to the Reich is a WWII historical simulation, where you take the role of either the Germans or the Allies on the western front, designed by a veteran designer and historian, Joseph M. Balkoski. The novel 'initiative' system means that you never know who is going to move a piece next, based on a variable player impulse and individual unit activation. Divisions or Corps move 1 at a time. Headquarters and supplies are linked. The Allied Player has a choice of where to invade. The German Player has the choice to build up a reserve for a massive counter offensive.

With both historical, and free set ups the German and Allied players can either follow in Eisenhower and/or Hitler’s footsteps, or fight the battles using their own plans.

Module Version 1.4 Added a Tool Bar button to recover all fatigued units to ready and mark all moved units as not moved.

Module Version 1.2 Corrected Combat Value Modification Summary Chart: Mountain changed to 1/2 from 1

Module Version 1.1 Added chart: Amphibious Assault Reference Chart

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