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Publisher Avalon Hill Era WWII
Year 1976 Topic Air Combat
Players 2 to 2 Scale Tactical
Length Short


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Air Force / Dauntless v1.00*

Updated: 13 Jan 2019

This is the Battleline version of the complete Air Force/Dauntless/Expansion Kit + AH General set. Almost all the data cards use the Battleline "bank statement" format, so they are actually **readable** now.

A few notes:

- New Aircraft Data Card added: A6M3 Zero. A major oversight, as the original games only included the A6M2 and A6M5 models.

- Corrected Air Force Data Card: Me-109E. This ADC indicates a nose-mounted cannon, which Emils did not have. I have removed the 3C from the center position, leaving the aircraft with the historical twin cowl MGs, and a low-velocity Oerlikon 20mm cannon in each wing.

- Some of the AH Data Cards were made from A/C that appear as variants on the original Battleline cards. These cards are not reflected separately, but you can, of course, find them on the original cards.

- New Australian and Polish aircraft were added from internet sources; these two nations have their own aircraft displays.

-There is a problem with the aircraft when they make half-loop maneuvers. Not only do they not "shift laterally" in the direction of their bank, their bank change is the same as if they had performed a half roll. This seems to be correct when looking at the notation diagram on the plot sheets, but ignores the fact that, after a half loop, the aircraft is "seen" from a front view, not the rear view that the notation diagram reflects. Because there are no separate "Left-Half Loop" or "Right-Half Loop" commands, both the offset and the bank of a half-looping plane have to be corrected "by hand". Just remember that, with a half loop, the "side" of the bank is simply inverted, or un-inverted, as the case may be.

- No new a/c counters were created for any of the added aircraft (e.g., Halifax, Hampden, Wirraway, Polish a/c). Simply use other aircraft from the set in their place.

- Despite the description for v.0.97 (upon which this version is based), when using the Log Sheets, you cannot simply click a field and type. You must hit Enter and then start typing.

Air Force / Dauntless v0.97*

Last update: 14 Apr 2007

(* All my initial releases start at v0.95 as an ode to Murphy's Law)

Warning: Large download (includes over 160 aircraft datacards)

Version 0.97 for Vassal 2.9.9 (& higher?)

1. Upgraded logsheets to "Click 'n Type"

  (versus old "select, hit ENTER, then type").

2. Very slight size savings on some tables' graphics.

Version 0.96 for Vassal 2.7 (& higher?)

- Added multiple logsheets.

- Added ability to masking/unmask logsheets from opponents.

- Added ability to clear first 19 lines of logsheet plotting at once.

- Added ability to cycle turns listed on sides of logsheets.

(the above two, essentially make the logsheets perpetual. Going past turn 20 should be a bit less of a hassle)

- Added multiple player sides.

Version 0.95

- Added symbolic dice

- Added Armstrong Whitworth Whitley ADC from The General

- Added (conspicuously!) missing Handley Page Halifax ADC from The General

- Renumbered 0.03 release to 0.95

Version 0.02

- Fixed missing player sides button icon (end run to the fix!)

Version 0.01

Initial Release

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