Module:Air Scarmush: Tactical Flight Contest

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Publisher (Self-Published) Era Modern Warfare
Year 2022 Topic Air Combat
Players 2 to 10 Scale Tactical
Length 60 min

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Air Scarmush
AS_1_01.vmod Module 6.76 MB 25/02/2024 3.6.19

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Maintainer Alberto, Christophe Roth
Contributors unknown

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Air Scarmush is a hybrid board/app tactical air combat game for two players or more players that runs on a 'simultaneous turn by turn' basis over a board of hexagons. Board and pawns to print and assemble yourself. You can visit the Web site:

Step into the seat of an eager pilot participating in the Air Scarmush grand tactical flight contest. Experiment with the machines and develop the skills that'll help you take control of the skies.

Confront your friends in thrilling dogfights and air to ground raids to finally prove who's the greatest pilot of all time.

Air Scarmush offers a unique setup to help you easily learn the choices in terms of air combat maneuvers and tactics that will surely lead a pilot to victory.

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