Module:Air Strike

From Vassal
Air Splash.jpeg
Publisher Game Designers Workshop Era Modern
Year 1987 Topic Air Combat
Players 1 to 6 Scale Tactical
Length 1-4+ hours Series Air Power


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Air_Strike.vmod Module 16.76 MB 2017-01-01

Module Information

Maintainer BobbyDevo


What Map X is: A map with very small hexes. It allows you to place the maps (A-J) from the Maps section of the game like other playing pieces. They rotate, so you can line them up in almost any configuration. However, the counters will not auto snap into place. You need to place them in the correct spot on the board. Aircraft counters can be lined up to the mapboard grid by using the hexside adjust once. To set up: Choose Map X, or several of them in rows and columns. When your on the main page pull your maps down from the Maps button. Control them by holding down the ALT button when you click on it.

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