Module:Allen's Dirt The Game

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Publisher (Self-Published) Era Modern
Year 2013 Topic Racing
Players 1 to 8 Scale Tactical
Length 30


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Allen's Dirt v1.6.6.vmod Module 16.87 MB 2021-03-26 3.5
Dirt_Modified_Rules_2.0.pdf Rules 438 KB 2021-09-25 3.5
Quick Start.pdf Quick Start Guide 485 KB 2021-03-30 3.5

Module Information

Maintainer Thrippy
Contributors Thrippy, Ripwil


Allen's Dirt "The Game" was self-published by Eric Allen in 2013. It is a beer and pretzels game that had rules (as designed) that encouraged crashing and accidents and didn't represent actual dirt track racing. Ripwil and Thrippy modified the rules over several years to make the game more realistic and true to actual dirt track sprint car racing. However, it is still a roll and move racing game that is bound by the luck of the dice. We recommend using the modified rules included in the module. Additionally, running a 10-race season championship is the ideal way to bring the action to life and make each race and each top four finish important to the season championship.

Includes: Sprint cars with drivers who have participated in the World of Outlaws series from 2018-2021. Late Models with generic colored cars Modifieds with generic colored cars Go Karts with generic colored cars .

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