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Cover Antietam 1862.png
Publisher Worthington Publishing, LLC Era Civil War
Year 2019 Topic American Civil War
Players 1 to 2 Scale Operational
Length 60-300 mins

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Antietam 1862
Antietam 1862 v2.0.vmod Battle of Antietam 1862 41.16 MB 4/1/2024 3.7.6 Dave Deitch

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Antietam 1862 is Volume I in Worthington Publishings new Civil War Brigade Battle Series. Designed to be a series where you can fight a battle in an evening.

Antietam 1862 allows gamers to refight the pivotal battle in Maryland that was the bloodiest day in American history. More than 22,000 were killed, wounded, or missing. Outnumbered at over 2 to 1, can you hang on as the Confederates and put another defeat on Lincolns doorstep? As the Union can you capture and bag the Confederate army and end the war in 1862? The decisions are yours...

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