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Publisher Fantasy Flight Games Era Fantasy
Year 2005 Topic Horror
Players 1 to 8 Scale Abstract
Length 180 minutes Series Arkham Horror


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
1.7.2 - August 31th 2013
Horreur_Arkham_FR.vmod‎ Base Game (without decks) - French version 22.33 MB 2013-08-31 3.2.8
HA_base_decks_safe_FR.vmdx Base Game decks - French version 53.83 MB 2013-08-31 3.2.8
1.7.2 - May 7th 2013
AH_The_Door_to_Saturn.vmdx‎ The Door to Saturn expansion 26.2 MB 2013-05-07 3.2.2
1.7.1 - Jan 10th 2013
Arkham_Horror_FFG.vmod‎ Base Game (without decks) 15.93 MB 2013-01-10 3.2.2
AH_base_decks_safe.vmdx Base Game decks 10.62 MB 2013-01-10 3.2.2
AH_Black_Goat_duf.vmdx‎ Black Goat expansion 6.09 MB 2013-01-10 3.2.2
AH_Dark_Pharaoh_Revised_duf.vmdx‎ Dark Pharaoh revised expansion 9.55 MB 2013-01-10 3.2.2
AH_Innsmouth_Horror.vmdx‎ Innsmouth Horror expansion 30.13 MB 2013-01-10 3.2.2
AH_King_Yellow_duf.vmdx‎ King In Yellow expansion 6.93 MB 2013-01-10 3.2.2
AH_Lurker_duf.vmdx‎ Lurker At The Threshold expansion 9.86 MB 2013-01-10 3.2.2
AH_Masks_of_Nyarlathotep.vmdx‎ Masks of Nyarlathotep expansion 10.88 MB 2013-01-10 3.2.2
AH_Miskatonic_Horror_duf.vmdx‎ Miskatonic Horror expansion 12.65 MB 2013-01-10 3.2.2
AH_Dunwich_Horror_safe.vmdx‎ Dunwich Horror expansion 57.44 MB 2013-01-10 3.2.2
AH_Kingsport_Horror_safe.vmdx‎ Kingsport Horror expansion 39.63 MB 2013-01-10 3.2.2
AH_Dark_Pharaoh_duf.vmdx‎ Dark Pharaoh expansion 7.94 MB 2013-01-10 3.2.2
1.6.9 - Feb 15th 2011
AH_Gilman_Memorial_duf.vmdx‎ Gilman Memorial expansion 1.24 MB 2011-02-15 3.1
AH_Golden_Scarab_duf.vmdx‎ Golden Scarab expansion 11.51 MB 2011-02-15 3.1
1.6.9 - Nov 22nd 2011
AH_Scenario1.vmdx Arkham League Season 1 4.57 MB 2010-11-22 3.1
AH_Scenario2.vmdx Arkham League Season 2 5.22 MB 2010-11-22 3.1
AH_howto.pdf‎ How to use the AH module 35 KB 2011-02-07 3.1
1.0 Alternate
Arkham_Horror_Vassal_1_1.vmod Module 23.01 MB 2010-09-24 3.1
Arkham_Horror_Vassal_Innsmouth.vmdx Extension 44.5 MB 2010-09-26 3.1

Module Information

Maintainer Gherardo, Nicolas
Contributors Winter, Azrael71, Steward, Armitage1982


A cooperative adventure game themed around H.P Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos for one to eight players.

As per FFG policy, all common item card texts are blank to ensure players own a copy.

French version (2013/31/09):

  • French version of every cards & Base Box texts localized while English Base Decks texts overriden due to collision bug.
  • Improved Boards design, icons and pawns
  • Larger Monsters cards due to smaller French fonts
  • Included French Help guide from Ursidey (inspired by StephMe)

New version (2013/05/07):

  • The Door to Saturn - Darkest Africa expedition Added

New version (2013/01/10):

  • The Door to Saturn expansion added.
  • Dreamlands Fanmade Expansion 2013-01-11 Compatiblity 3.2.2
  • Blight, Madness, Injury, Corruption prototypes and according deck spaces moved to core module
  • Kingsport, Dunwich, Innsmouth location deck spaces moved to core module
  • Lurker at the threshold Miskatonic reckoning cards fixed
  • Kingsport Rift tokens fixed
  • Base Allies cards fixed

By Steward

Version 1.7.1: a bug fixed + Curse Of the Dark Pharaoh Revised expansion + Mask Of Nyarlathotep expansion + Miskatonic Horror expansion

By Steward


  • Remove XXX cards buttons - moved to "Remove" sub-menu

Curse Of the Dark Pharaoh:

  • Revised menu support added

Version 1.6.9: several glitches fixed + Innsmouth expansion


  • Updated all the Info tab not to count the cards in box
  • Updated the remove buttons to include all extensions available
  • Lurker menu items added


  • Deep One picture added

Lurker At The Threshold:

  • Added places to other decks for relationship cards
  • Added special gates chart

Version 1.6.8: a bug fix release + 3 small expansions


  • Made Player 1 and Player 2 owner of even and odd Players, to allow for easier 2 Player game
  • Added all extension to the Setup menu, so that they fit in well
  • Added the "Take in Hand" command to directly send to the Players hand board (Take as Trophy for monsters)

Golden Scarab:

  • Corrected a few box (button remove all cards instead of remove scarab cards)
  • Put back the Pharaoh guardian in the Dark Pharaoh extension


  • Mostly debugging, a few buttons and glitch corrected

Added 3 small Expansions:

  • Arkham Horror: Curse of the Dark Pharaoh
  • Arkham Horror: The Black Goat of the Woods
  • Arkham Horror: The King in Yellow

Version 1.6.7: a major release

By Nicolas

Many improvements, like separate Game Boxes, a newer menu and the Kingsport Horror expansion.

A few details that might need explaining:

  • You can set the number of player by right clicking on the text, the limits will adjust as per the standard game rules.
  • If you need to remove a Seal (Elder Sign) counter, please drag it offboard or the count will not change.

About the turn counter:

a) First set the active players in the menu before you start the game (right click > Configure > ... > Configure active player)

b) Then when you hit the Mythos phase, configure the first player in the same menu to the next player. This way, when you hit next, it will go back to Turn +1, Upkeep, First Player...

c) Last, only the Location decks are set to Auto Shuffle, for the other one, just shuffle manually before starting a game ... and any time you would in a normal game.

Version 1.0 Alternate

By Denny crane

Another version of an Arkham Horror module. I noticed that one had been posted recently, but I think this one works a lot better in some ways. As with the other module, the card text is blank for all items and spells, which will hopefully be acceptable.

Innsmouth expansion for alternate Arkham Horror module added

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