Module:At Any Cost: Metz 1870

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Publisher GMT Games Era Post-Napoleonic
Year 2018 Topic Wargame
Players 2 to 2 Scale Operational
Length medium


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
At Any Costs1.9.vmod module 18.73 MB 2020-12-15 3.4.11
AtAnyCost2.04.vmod Module 15.54 MB 2022-09-01 3.6
AtAnyCost2.06alt.vmod Module 15.13 MB 2023-02-02 3.65

Module Information

Maintainer Stephen Oliver, Chris Vasquez
Contributors iam2509, Vasqu1cr


At Any Cost: Metz 1870 is a game simulating the situation west of the Metz fortress during those few days of August 1870. Vassal Module given permission by GMT Games.

Version 1.4 has corrected a Masked French Activation problem.

Version 1.6 has an updated Chit Cup to separate French & Prussian Events.

Version 1.7 has updated Out-of-Command markers, a remove Markers button at top, and corrected a Setup error in the Afternoon Crisis scenario.

Version 1.8 has "Moved" on the right side of counter after moving plus a Movement Trail but only visible if selected. Also "Place Target" added to mark any unit.

Version 1.9 The Prussian III Corps horse artillery unit now included in the reinforcements for the 'A Beckoning Victory' and 'And It Will Cost What It Will' campaign scenarios; HQs now can enter bivouac; Shaken and Disrupted markers now do not obscure the unit ID.

Version 2.04:

This is an update to Version 1.9 with the following changes:

  • Redesigned Unit Counters
  • Added ability to hide morale hits and low ammo markers
  • Reworked the chit pull system -- see Quick Start for additional information
  • Updated module graphics
  • Out of Command Chits reworked
  • Hotfix uploaded 9/1/2022 which has fixed some minor bugs

Version 2.05alt:

  • Has the original vassal top icons now narrower than before
  • Has the ability to click on unit to place Out of Command marker
  • Clicking Marker Icon at top now has most used markers visible immediately
  • Reported clicking of Chit Cup commands
  • Fixed where clicking "Set Chits Aside" a second time unmasked the Event Chits
  • Added Place Red Target Hexagon to all units

Version 2.06alt:

  • Added Marshal Bazaine CinC chit to "Extra Chits" in case needed. In a 2.0 Update the chit had disappeared.
  • Added Mouse-over magnification to chits in cup for easier reading.

No charts are included in the vassal modules.

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