Module:Atlantic Chase

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AtlanticChase BC.jpg
Publisher GMT Games Era WWII
Year 2021 Topic Naval
Players 1 to 2 Scale Operational
Length Medium


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Atlantic Chase v1.vmod Module 7.18 MB 2021-05-07 3.5.5
Atlantic Chase v1-01.vmod Module 7.19 MB 2021-05-13 3.5.5


Please read the module instructions below before emailing with questions. Thanks!

Module Instructions:

1. All game pieces are accessible from the Pieces button on the toolbar.

2. Most game markers can be generated by right-clicking on the appropriate game piece.

3. Most game functions are self-explanatory. Right-click on pieces to discover capabilities.

4. Right-click on ships to generate the correct "Attitude" marker. No need to drag from pieces tray.

5. Right-click on stations to remove all trajectories belonging to that station's Task Force.

© GMT Games 2021; Jeremy White

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