Module:Atlantic Wall: The Invasion of Europe

From Vassal
Publisher Simulations Publications, Inc. Era WWII
Year 1978 Topic Western Front
Players 2 to 2 Scale Operational
Length 360mins


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
aw-spi-v16.vmod Module 19.59 MB 2021-01-01 3.2.17
Aw-spi-v1-80.vmod Module 129.68 MB 2022-09-17 3.6.7
Aw-spi-v1-80A.vmod Module 126.53 MB 2022-09-17 3.6.7
Aw-spi-v1-81.vmod Module 25.07 MB 2022-09-17 3.6.7
Aw-spi-v1-81A.vmod Module 24.82 MB 2022-09-17 3.6.7

Module Information

Maintainer John Edwards [jzedward]


Module Versions 1.81 and 1.81A by Dave Conn. Changes from the 1.80 versions:

60. Removed many unused images to reduce file size [1.81]

61. Changes hotkeys for user-configurable Info marker to eliminate conflict with CNTL-M key [1.81]

62. Correct error in morale value of certain company-sized counters [1.81] [346xx recon company, 3 x 12SSP armored engineer companies]

63. Change counter 11H/30 to 11H/XXX [1.81]

64. Add Label function to counters to allow player tracking of misc. info (company designations, etc.)

Module Versions 1.80 and 1.80A by Dave Conn. Changes from v. 1.6:

Versions 1.80 and 1.80A [NOTE: 1.80A replaces the standard SPI Map D with Wade Wilson’s alternate Map D, which eliminates much of the bocage behind the British/Canadian beaches.]

1. Added unit mouseover (2x) to main map (good for old eyes)

2. Some German units contained a Ground-GE-ASS prototype, instead of a Ground-GE prototype. This caused the basic unit name to display twice in slightly different positions at the top of the unit. Changed those to Ground-GE prototype.

3. Added right-click options to show setup of landing aids on Pathfinder counters

4. Added notes window

5. Remove 2nd overview window (ovw) button

6. Added immobile sea-colored counters with black text to keep track of gap # and DP #

7. Added multi-purpose marker status marker (right-click to change status), and general info marker (user configurable);

8. Added player sides. Assigned delay markers to German side, so Allies can’t flip them. Assigned air units to appropriate sides, and Naval units to Allies.

9. Added REPL steps to div HQ counters (right-hand side) to aid in record-keeping

10. Completed corner triangle colors for corps assignments (see colors below)

11. Removed corps symbols from “Corps” prototypes (to avoid superimposing symbols on division symbols, and because it duplicates functionality with the colored corner triangles), but left in the functionality

12. Reoriented some information on maps to minimize upside-down text; modified map graphics to include map errata for hexes B5633 and C2619, and half-hex east of A2601.

13. Added invisible trait to air units to allow secret allocation

14. Added holding boxes for air units available and unavailable

15. Added prototypes for Artillery and SP Artillery, allowing notation on counters for Out of Battery (B1 for OOB-1 and B2 for OOB-2), and Out of Ammo (OA). These also include a reminder of the movement allowance for each type of artillery (MA6 or MA12) on the lower right of the counter.

16. Added DM prototype for dismounted mech infantry and assigned to prototype to appropriate counters. Also assigned to armored engineers and mech parachute to allow those types to dismount.

17. Added Beach counters for the Utah sub-beaches, to mark possible changed locations. These cannot be moved once placed, but can be deleted.

18. Correct counter for 10CD/3xx to company sized (French unit)

19. Added counters for air & naval bombardment

20. Added Polish DD Krakowiak, which is in initial setup for Map D but missing from counter mix

21. Added map display boxes to keep track of E-Boats in Cherbourg and Le Havre.

22. Added missing counter for 45CD/3xx

23. Removed 47DC/50xx from 50th Division, and moved counter to SSB with other commandos

24. Corrected prototype for Cent battalion to 4-10-9 [from 4(10)9].

25. Corrected prototype for US parachute companies from 1(2)6 to 2(1)6 (consistent with game counters)

26. Corrected Carrier Rating for US 435 Gp (C47) from 2 to 3 (consistent with map display)

27. Added ability to clone Luft companies, strongpoints, resistance nests, and batteries (aids in setup)

28. Add Allied Ground Units Available box to map, for units available but not yet landed.

29. Replaced Master Reinforcement schedule in the Charts window, to improve readability

30. Some Canadian units flipped to reduced strength at start; changed to full strength

31. AT battalion in 101st AB should be 81st, not 80th, consistent with Turn 2 reinforcements

32. German 275xx(E) designation changed from 276xx(E)

33. US 2A and 3A divisional recon and engineer units: changed from 2/3A to 2A/3Axx

34. Added SS to unit names (Basic Piece) of units in SS divisions

35. 9th SS Pz and 10th SS Pz moved to the I SS Corps tab; currently in counter list as 9SS Pz HQ tab, HQs show I SS as parent unit

36. Correct notes on maps re: initial deployments (1.80 alternate map D)

37. Correct map notations on units in initial Sea Landing boxes for errata and 3 missing Ranger companies at Omaha (1.80 alternate map D)

38. Changed setup for above

39. Added version with alternate Map D (1.80A)

40. Added flak chart to Charts window

41. Redid Terrain chart to improve usability; added Rough and Rough/Woods to Terrain chart for terrain on 1.80A map D.

42. Some German companies were rotating by 120 degrees, due to inclusion of Counter prototype (including rotation) in both Ground-GE-ASS and Ground-GE prototypes, causing double rotation); corrected.

43. Added right-click “Return to Delay pool” functionality for German Delay markers

44. Added missing US 75mm AT companies [1(3)6] and 2(1)6 glider companies

45. Corrected errors in corps number on some HQ units; move GE 711th Inf to LXXXI corps from LXXIV Corps; add Tab for 9th SS Pz Division KG, with both 9th & 10th SS units

46. Changed TextLabel offset for Type property in Ground prototypes from -24 to -27, to give a little more room for long types.

47. Change ship data to rotate with counters.

48. Shifted GE 711th Inf Div to LXXXI Corps, consistent with game notes in SPI game

49. Added HQ image to masked side of Allied HQs (Unsupported layer). Removed masked layer for German HQs.

50. Add prototype for Dis/Dem on counter (right-click menu)

51. Add prototype for supply status on counter (right-click menu)

52. Add morale value to counter (lower left corner)

53. Corrections to artillery units: make 200/V towed (consistent with AW counter mix); eliminate 103/VII (not in AW counter mix); change 967/XIX to 767/XIX (8-1-12, consistent with reinforcement schedule and AW counter mix); add 965/VIII (8-1-12), add 961/VIII (8-1-12); add 980/VII (155g 6-1-18)

54. Delete one ID 358 US P-51 squadron (duplicated in module; 2nd doesn’t exist in counter mix, only 3 US P-51s); correct UK Mosq(n) units to #142 & #149; correct UK air unit wings

55. Many German 150mm artillery units had 7-1-2 values instead of 7-1-12; corrected by changing prototype

56. Marked boundaries between maps

57. Provided way to mark victory objective hexes (Color 6600FF)

58. Changed location of “moved” tag to lower right of counter

59. Added box on map to store exited Allied units


US V: Red

US VII: Med gray

US VIII: Yellow

US XIX: Black

BR I: Cyan

BR VII: Green

BR XXX: Brown



GE XLVII Pz: Light grey

GE LXXXI: Dark green

GE II FJ: Dark grey

GE 1 SS: Magenta

GE 9 SS Pz KG: Orange


Additional Note: I have included the campaign setup in the module. In doing the setup, I noticed that two US Ranger battalions (2R/29xx and 5R/29xx) start broken down into companies on Omaha beach. This should mean 12 Ranger companies starting on the map. However, the setup only includes 9 such companies (6 scheduled to land at Charlie sub-beach, and 3 available to land anywhere on Omaha Beach in the first landing phase). To account for the remaining three companies, I have arbitrarily added them to the setup, to land in the second landing phase at Omaha. If anyone knows better where these three companies should be, please correct me!

--Dave Conn

Commando starting positions per Errata 33.5, Item 2:

Roger, H-Hour: 4CD/3xx

Roger, 2nd Sea Landing: 3CD/3xx

Roger, 3rd Sea Landing: 6CD/3xx, 45CD/3xx

47CD/50xx and 10CD/3Cxx may land on any Map D beach during H-Hour

48CD/3xx may land on any Map D beach during the 2nd Sea Landing phase

41CD arrives on Sword beach, GT 5 (per Errata 33.7, item 1)

46CD arrives on Juno beach, GT 5 (per Errata 33.7, item 1)

Atlantic Wall is a classic SPI hex'n'counters wargame. Atlantic Wall is a battalion-level game of the D-Day invasion. This is a monster game as it comes with five 34" x 22" maps and over 2000 counters.

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  • John Edwards [jzedward]
  • Dave Conn [daveconn]